What Is Better Than a GoPro: An Analysis of Viable Options

What Is Better Than a GoPro?

The action camera giant GoPro found its roots way back in the early 2000s when Nick Woodman started it as a response to the clamor to have camera equipment that can get close to the action without hurting the pockets.

The first action camera was sold two years after the company was founded, and it used 35 mm film to take and record videos.

The company further developed the GoPro concept and migrated the storage to SD cards, which allowed for longer videos and more stills than its previous iterations.

So, what is better than a GoPro? Or are GoPro action cams the best you can get?

Let’s find out!


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What Makes a GoPro a GoPro?

As one of the first companies to develop an action camera, the GoPro camera came with a few innovative features that made them stand out compared to similar products that have tried to replicate the success that they have had over the years.

These features have become generic or common amongst other action cameras over the years which allowed the competition to catch up with the action camera brand.

Durable and Weatherproof

motorbiking in mud

The materials used to manufacture action cameras are certified to be durable enough to withstand rough handling which enables it to tag along and survive the action.

These cameras are also weatherproof, at the very least waterproof, which allows it to be used under any weather condition without sacrificing the quality of images and videos that it takes.

Expandable Memory

gopro memory cards

Credits: havecamerawilltravel.cm

SD cards have allowed the digital camera market to expand, allowing for more images and videos taken and stored while the device is still in use.

Action camera-wise, SD cards have allowed users to record entire competitions or entire trips without needing to swap cards.


gopro versatility multiple uses mountain biking scenery shots ice skiing

Action cameras have proven to be versatile as they can be used in a multitude of applications including extreme sports and hiking trips, as well as serving as onboard dash cameras for vehicles and bikes.

Their accessories also allow it to be used in many ways that only your imagination can limit.

Compact and Lightweight

Credits: expert reviews

Probably, the first innovation that GoPro had was that it allowed action cameras to become smaller and easier to carry, therefore preventing any hindrance to an athlete’s performance.

Most action cameras come as square or rectangular which proves that form follows function in their case.

Comparison with Other Action Cams (Sony, Yi, SJCAM, Thieye…)

gopro vs yi 4k+ sjcam sj8 pro sony x300r


Action cameras from other manufacturers have the same kind of features that a GoPro would normally have.

Even newer GoPro models like the Hero 7 Black would already have a corresponding model from a competitor ready to take it head-on in the market.

4K Ultra HD

4k in action cams

Newer GoPros would have 4K Ultra HD capabilities which is something that other action cameras would already have.

Action cameras, regardless of brand, seem to have acquired a fountain of youth when it comes to battery life as they have released newer batteries that last longer.


gopro's action shot paragliding

Weatherproofing is something that GoPro has learned to tame over the years, which new players are slowly catching up on.


Wireless connectivity bluetooth wifi logo gopro

The advanced connectivity, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, wraps up the features that are shared between GoPros and Action Cameras.

As previously mentioned GoPros are naturally versatile and can adapt to several scenarios to which they can be used.

However, more and more users have taken to other brands, especially those that provide the same function but have a lower chance of being stolen or broken.

Action cameras, regardless of the brand, can go wherever and whenever the user wants it, although they have the same weakness when it comes to capturing images and videos under low lighting conditions.


The many variations of action cameras

The rectangular or even cubic structure of the action camera is something shared regardless of the brand although some manufacturers have dared to try a deconstructed approach for more flexibility while some have tried evolving it into a curvier, more aerodynamic casing for use in certain sports.

GoPro Vs Smartphones

gopro vs smartphones iPhone

Mobile phones and actions cameras have very little in common, except that most smartphones can capture better images and videos than a GoPro. This is because smartphones can be flexible when it comes to the imaging lenses and software that it uses.


Mobile phones can and will make phone calls, send and receive texts, and access data, which no GoPro camera can do as of the moment.

GoPros, on the other hand, have a more dedicated software, namely image stabilization, that allows the camera to adjust and compensate for movement.

Accessory Versatility