What are action cameras good or used for? what is an action camera

Many people heard of the term action camera or maybe sports camera but do you know what makes it unique and what they are usually good for?

As the name says, and you should have already guessed it, they are mainly used for filming sports, extreme stuff such as skydiving, or parachuting or mountain-biking and much much more. However, what are some of the traits of action cameras that make them be able to handle those environments?


The many variations of action cameras
Action Cameras are durable


Action cameras are built to withstand harsh conditions. Most action cameras, if not all have an extremely solid external casing to protect the camera from being damaged. This usually comes in the form of it being shockproof, dust-proof and waterproof. Hence, the user wouldn’t need to worry about it being damaged easily.

Easy Mounting

Some of the mounts available for action cameras
Some of the mounts available for action cameras

One thing if you have not already noticed would be that all action cameras usually comes with one or more mounts. There are almost an infinite amount of mounts for every camera.

Be it mounting onto helmets, bicycles, skateboards and other objects, action cameras are really convenient to mount. One of the reasons is due to them being really small and compact, with majority smaller than your palm and hence mounting in tight corners such as in the spokes of bicycles are possible.

Cheaper than traditional camcorders

More and more action cameras companies are entering the market. This, in turn, leads to a higher competition between difference companies, each trying to make the price as competitive, hence low, as possible.

They are generally more affordable than a camcorder in my opinion because the main feature of an action camera is durability and compactness, instead of footage quality as compared to camcorders, which prioritises footage quality. Hence, less and cheaper materials are used to make the action camera as compared to video camcorders which allow the price of the action camera to be lower than one of a camcorder.

WIDE Field of View

Action Camera Field of View VS Smartphone Field of view iphone 6 plus vs gopro hero 4 silver

Lastly, action cameras have a really wide field of view, with most having about 170°, as compared to camcorders which have an average of about 45° and the iPhone 6 camera having a field of view of about 64°. However, due to action cameras wide FOV, they are in a fish-eye perspective giving that sort of curved edge at the side.

So what is this feature even for? Is it of any use? Well, yes. This wider field of view presents a more immersive experience as the viewers are able to see a higher amount of detail.


This genre of cameras was actually made to allow sports or adrenaline enthusiasts to capture their footages with convenience, reliability and safety. However, that was a thing of the past. Nowadays, everybody of all demographics uses it. Be it for travelling, vlogging or even live-streaming, it is something really easy to use and you should definitely give it a try.

Lastly, if you wish to know more about action cameras or have any queries, please feel free to drop a comment down below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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  1. Really useful post about the positives of an action camera.
    I went kayaking with a group of friends at the Cardiff Water centre and was impressed with the footage from the Go Pro a mate used.
    What would be your recommendation for a great action camera for someone getting started?

    1. Hi John thanks for leaving a comment! As for an action camera who is for someone getting started, if you want a cheaper one it would be the Eken H9R and if you don’t mind something in the mid-range price point, you can consider the GeekPro EOV1 Plus or SJCAM SJ4000 which I personally started with. Thanks again for reading and I wish you all the best!

  2. Very interesting read, personally I LOVE recording every moment when there is a special occasion going on, specially on vacations, and since I bought my GoPro I can tell you I can never go on a vacation without, specially if I go to a place that I’ll be doing a lot of swimming in. My only criticism of the GoPro is the inability to delete footage without having to use my computer.

    1. You are exactly the same as me as I love recording every single second too! Yeah I realised that the GoPro deleting is very difficult as they are trying to encourage you to delete it when you have actually seen the footage properly and am sure that you want to delete it. Other than having to delete in your computer, you can actually delete it from your phone too!

      Anyways, thanks for reading and all the best!

  3. I’m looking at a lot of different cameras right now and it’s interesting to hear your thoughts on action cameras. While I can’t see myself taking pictures at sporting events, it seems like this camera type could have uses in other areas. Like maybe with wildlife or adventure sports. Will give me something to think about.

    1. Thanks for reading and dropping by! Although these cameras like what you said can be used with wildlife or adventure, it can also be simply used for travelling! So if you happen to lack a camera that has a immersive point of view and want to have a cheap price point, you can head over to my product reviews page to take a look! Cheers!

  4. Doh,
    Ordered this item while on vacation in Hilton Head island (SC). Thanks to Amazon Prime the item was delivered in 2 days. It is the perfect part for the job of holding my GoPro camera
    Yolanda Pertling

  5. I have always owned FT gimbals and have never been disappointed.. this goes beyon my expectation. When i Upgraded my Gopro to the 6. I wanted to upgrade the WG gimbal as well. I didnt really read into the capabilities of this guy before getting it I just knew FT puts out a great product and didnt hesitate to grab it. When I found that it had Autorotation my timelapse game has sky rocketed. Its light and much easier to screw in your camera vs the original. such an amazing upgrade!
    Hope this helps.

  6. Thank for give us such a great information very informative post

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