v50 elite first looks

V50 Unboxing & Initial Looks – Amazing First Impressions!

Today we’re going to be taking a quick look at AKASO’s (one of Amazon’s biggest action cam brands) flagship action camera, the V50 Elite.


v50 elite unboxing

The V50 Elite comes in a neat form packaging.

Tons of Accessories Provided

v50 elite accessories

There’s only 1 kind of package that you can buy, so you can’t choose whether or not you want the accessories.

Upon opening it, there are tons of accessories, which pretty much covers all sorts of mounting from attaching to selfie sticks and helmet, all the way to fix it onto your bicycle.

However, if you’re planning to mount it on your chest for other perspectives when you’re out, these chest mounts will still have to be bought separately, though you can get pretty good quality third quality ones for less than $10.

Camera’s First Feel

v50 elite front side

Upon holding it for the first time, the V50 Elite certainly doesn’t feel cheap.

It’s also quite solid to the touch.

The rubber body also makes it very easy to hold that even with it’s an ultra-small and portable body, I still had a firm grip to it.

v50 elite main screen

The screen is also fully visible in the sun (way clearer than a normal phone) which makes it great for making quick adjustments outdoor!

As for the software interface, I was really surprised and impressed not because it feels ultra-smooth but also because I couldn’t even find a simple bug! (something extremely rare among action cams)


That’s all I have for now!

Full review (including video samples, comparison with other cams) will be coming out very soon so stay tuned!

Furthermore, currently from what I see the V50 Elite is certainly worth the money (possibly the best under $150 model) although I’ll still have to fully test it before!

As usual, if you want any specific recommendations, please feel free to comment down below and I’ll be sure to reply to it as soon as I can! 🙂

Till next time, have an awesome day!

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