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Top 4 GoPro Alternatives Under $100 2017

About half a year ago, I posted a guide on top 6 action cams below 100 and I’ve got some postive feedback that it had helped them choose an action cam that suits their budget.

However, fast forward half a year, many new action cams have been released and most of them cost under $100, which are newer and better than their predecessors.

This is the reason why I have decided to make another guide, to include newer models that was released not long ago!

Here we go!

Top 4 GoPro Alternatives Below 100

1. Eken H9R (Value For Money)

Best action cameras under 100 eken h9r

Priced at $40, the H9R offers great value for money and would definitely be my go to recommendations for beginners or those who are new to action cameras.

Also, although it doesn’t record in true 4K resolution, it still takes really crisp 1080p footages for its price and that’s why I think it is ideal for those wanting to try out action cams.


2. Explorer Pro 2 (Cheapest Touch Screen)

MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2

This is the only touchscreen action cam under 50 that has been released in the market so far and you may think that the touch screen is probably crappy and unresponsive because of its price, which was what I felt initially. However, that is not the case as it is super responsive and I felt the implementation of the touchscreen made navigation way easier.

MGCOOL Explorer pro 2 touchscreen

Also, it can shoot at 1080p 60fps and take 8MP still shots.

Furthermore, it utilises a reliable smartphone app that has been specially designed for the explorer pro 2, to ensure that the connection is seamless and it works well together with the explorer pro 2.


3. Yi Lite (Great Stabilization)

Yi Lite - Is it the Best Action Cam Under 100

The Yi lite, was made to bridge the gap between Yi 2 4K and serves as an upgrade to the original Yi camera. It’s capable of recording at 1080p 60fps and taking 16MP (highest in this list) stills.

As for 4K, it can only record at up to 15fps, thus it’s not all that usable.

Other than that, it has really great electronic image stabilization and a 2” touch screen display all built-in, to ensure smooth navigation and videos all the time.

4. XiaoMi Mijia 4K (True 4K Recording)

mijia 4k best action cam under 100

Having the largest touchscreen (2.44”) in the entire action cam industry, the MiJia 4K by far is the best action cam under 100 because it is capable of real 4K, takes really good quality 8MP still shots and also has the capability of taking ‘RAW’ photos!

Furthermore, it also is able to correct fisheye distortion and stabilise your videos on the go!

Because of all these features, the MiJia 4K is in my opinion, the best all-rounder action cam so far under $100.

Check out full review on the mijia 4k here.


This comes to the end of the post.

If you have any queries or think I’ve missed out something that’s deserved on this list, feel free to leave a comment down below!

If there’s nothing else, thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

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