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Thieye I20 Action Cam Review

Of all the action cams that I’ve reviewed so far, a huge majority of them are priced $100 and above because that’s what I personally feel gets you the best bang for buck.

And as a result, I don’t cover many of the even more affordable action cameras below $70.

But today, we’ll going to be taking a look at a budget action camera by Thieye, which have been known to create amazing yet affordable action cams, such as the T5e and the T5 edge.

What can we expect from the I20 review that costs under $70? Is it worth to get and use for your next holiday vacation?

Let’s find out!

Contents of Review:

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Overall Rating: 6.4/10


Let’s quickly run over some specs to give you a rough idea of what the i20 has to offer!

From the specs solely, the I20 certainly looks pretty promising for an action cam of this price range!

What It Comes With

thieye i20 action camer accessories waterproof housing mounts adhesive sticker user manual skeleton backdoor

The I20 comes with a few essential accessories such as helmet mounts and a few variations of base and switch mounts.

It certainly is useful if you’re thinking of mounting it onto any surface but just in case you’re unaware the adhesive base mounts can only be used once.

Body & Interface

thieye i20 body front shot

The I20 feels very light and is mainly made up of plastic which is pretty standard for something of this price.

thieye i20 interface photo video and playback settings

There are only 3 modes, video, photo and playback and to edit the mode settings all you’d have to do is press and hold the shutter button.

I didn’t manage to find any general settings page which felt quite weird because most cams have a settings mode to modify parameters like date, sound, light, etc.

And because of that there’s no way of turning it off the startup sound that sounded like a telephone ringing, which was quite annoying.

Other than that, the body generally feels and operates like a standard budget action cam, which is pretty reliable.

Image Quality

i20 photo sample shot in playground of a tree

i20 sample shot in the park

Even though Thieye claims that the I20 can shoot 12MP, it is a result of interpolation and I felt that the native (unstretched) resolution it shoots should be about 1.3MP after testing the image.

That explains why the image quality isn’t great and lacks quite a substantial amount of detail.

Video Quality

Similarly, the quality on video shots is also pretty horrible, even though it shoots in 1080p.

It is definitely in my opinion not social media shareable which is really a turning point of this camera because everything else other than the image quality is great.

What a shame.

Comparison With A Similar Action Cam: Explorer Pro 2

I’ve decided to do a quick comparison with other action cams at the same price range for you to get a rough idea as to what to expect for action cams of this price range.

After comparing them side by side, it is quite obvious that the Explorer Pro 2 provides way more value for money than the I20.

Even though the Explorer Pro 2 costs a little more, its image quality is way better and the added functionality of the touchscreen and Wi-Fi also makes it easier to navigate around than the I20.

Read more on my full review of the Explorer Pro 2 here!


Overall, the I20 is a very rudimentary action cam and does as it promises: take and shoot video/photo.

However, it does lack a lot of other videography features such as time-lapse and slow motion.

It also doesn’t come with any wireless connectivity so posting and sharing it with your closed one on social media is very inconvenient.

Most importantly, I felt the image quality to be really bad and unless you’re planning to use this as your secondary backup camera or simply as a gift for someone to learn photography, I’d not recommend getting the I20.

That said,  there are a plethora of amazing action cams at this price range and one that I’d recommend you to consider is the MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2, which I’ve mentioned above.

Costing a little more, it’s built very solidly, has great image quality and the added touch screen feature really makes in all-round great action cam, even making it to my top action cams under $100!

That’s all for my review on the I20.

If you’ve any thoughts/queries on the I20 or anything about action cams, please feel free to leave a comment down below and you can be sure that I’ll reply to you as soon as I can!

Lastly, thanks for dropping by and have a great one!

Thieye I20


Video/Image Quality


Build Quality


User Experience


Bang For Your Money


Audio Quality



  • Cheap & Affordable
  • Bright & Clear Display
  • Simple Interface


  • Bad Image Quality
  • No Wireless Connectivity
  • Lacks Many Features
  • Weird Startup Sound

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