sj8 series overview

SJCAM SJ8 Series – Best Action Cams By SJCAM Thus Far

SJCAM SJ8 action cams are about to be released and it’s definitely a big news to everyone that’s following action cameras as SJCAM was one of the few alongside GoPro who kickstarted the action camera industry, with its first action cam, SJCAM SJ4000, which could only shoot in 1080p 30fps but despite that, everybody was still amazed by a tiny device could film with such clarity.

Fast forward a few years and now we have many different action cameras, with some costing less than $100 but still being able to film true 4K resolution (though it lacks in other aspects).

Anyways, back to the new SJ8 series.

There are 3 different action cams, each with a different price point and audience in mind.

1. SJ8 Air

sj8 air overview

The SJ8 Air is the cheapest of these 3 and would cost about $89 (camera only) and $109 (full set).

It uses a 14MP MN34112PA image sensor similar to the SJ6 Legend and although this is able to shoot in a higher resolution than its big brothers, the SJ8 plus and Pro, the image sensor doesn’t allow for 4K shooting.

The SJ8 air also has roughly the same specs as SJ6 Legend, with approximately similar image sensor similar & specs so I’m thinking the SJ8 air will replace the SJ6 Legend.

Another action cam that is very similar in specs and price is the Yi Lite. Here’s a quick comparison I made.

FeaturesSJ8 AirYi Lite
yi lite vs sj8 air
Video Resolution 1080p/1296p - 30fps 4K - 20fps
1440p 30fps
1080p 30fps
Photo Resolution 14MP 16MP
Stabilization EIS
Display 2.33” IPS Touchscreen 2.0” LCD Touchscreen
Connectivity Port Type-C Micro-USB
Battery life 130mins (LCD Off Wifi Off) 130mins (LCD On WiFi On)
Price $89 (Camera Only Set) $99 (Camera Only Set)

After looking at this quick comparison, I felt that the Yi lite offers more value for money despite costing $10 more as it has EIS, has slightly higher video res and battery life.

2. SJ8 Plus

sj8 pro overview

The SJ8 plus, in my opinion, can be seen as an upgrade to SJCAM’s flagship action cam, SJ7 Star,  as the specs and pricing are pretty similar.

Similar to YI 4K, the SJ8 plus is able to shoot 4K at 30fps. But unlike the Yi 4K, the SJ8 Plus has stabilization at 4K, meaning that even if you shoot in 4K, you can still expect very clear and smooth video footage.

Moreover, SJ8 Plus also has a front screen, which shows quick information like shooting mode, storage and amount of battery left.

FeaturesSJ8 PlusYi 4K
Video Resolution 4K 30fps
2.7K 60fps
4K 30/25 fps
2.7K 60/50/30/25 fps
Photo Resolution 12MP 12MP
Stabilization 3 Axis EIS (Up to 4K)   6 Axis EIS (Up to 2.7K)
Display 2.33” IPS Touchscreen + 0.96” OLED Front Screen 2.19” LCD Touchscreen
Connectivity Port Type-C Micro-USB
Video Format H264, H265 H264
Additional Features (Live Streaming & Voice Control)
Battery life 100 mins (LCD Off Wifi Off) 110 mins (LCD Off Wifi Off)
Price $179 (Camera Only Set) $169 (Camera Only Set)

From the specs, we can see that even though the Yi 4K costs a tad bit more, the SJ8 Plus still surpasses the Yi 4K in many aspects.

However, this in no way means that the SJ8 plus is better than the Yi 4K as we’ll still have to consider the features, such as live streaming, GPS & voice control. (SJCAM has yet to release much info about SJ8)

3. SJ8 Pro

sj8 pro overview

SJCAM has never released any action cam with specs close to the SJ8 Pro as this is the first time they are planning to contend with other top flagship action cameras, such as the GoPro Hero 6 Black, Yi 4K+ and many others.

To show you how close the SJ8 Pro fare against other top action cams, take a look at this quick comparison.

FeaturesSJ8 ProYi 4K+GoPro Hero 6 Black
Video Resolution 4K - 60, 50, 30, 25 fps
1440p - 60, 50, 30, 25f ps
4K - 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24 fps
2.7K - 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24 fps
4K - 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps
2.7K - 120, 100, 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps
Photo Resolution 12MP 12MP 12MP
Waterproof Index 30M With A Waterproof Housing 40M With A Waterproof Housing 10M Without Waterproof, 60M With A Waterproof
Display 2.33” IPS Touchscreen + 0.96” OLED Front Screen 2.19” LCD Touchscreen 2” LCD Touchscreen
Raw Photo
Video Format H264, H265 H264 H264, H265
Battery life 90 mins 88 mins 70 mins
Price $269 (Camera Only Set) $300 (Camera Only Set) $399 (Camera Only Set)

As you can see, as least in terms of specs, the SJ8 Pro despite being cheaper than its competitors, is still able to film 4K at 60fps, take 12MP photos and is generally pretty much on par with them.

However, since the features and actual sample footage of the SJ8 haven’t been fully released yet, I can’t really say now that the SJ8 Pro is a bargain. (will update this once i get any info)

SJ8 Air Vs SJ8 Plus Vs SJ8 Pro

FeaturesSJ8 AirSJ8 PlusSJ8 Pro
Image Sensor 14MP MN34112NA (Not capable of 4K) 12MP Sony IMX117 12MP Sony IMX377 (Similar To Yi 4K+)
Chipset (Processor) Novatek NT96658 - Similar to SJ6 Legend Novatek NT96683 Ambarella H22 S85
Video Resolution 1296p / 1080p 30fps 4K 30fps 4K 60fps
Photo Resolution 14MP 12MP 12MP
Field of View 160˚ 170˚ 170˚
Display 2.33” IPS touchscreen 2.33” IPS touchscreen + 0.96” OLED 2.33” IPS touchscreen + 0.96” OLED
Raw Photo
Video Format H264 H264, H265 H264, H265
Image Stabilization 3 Axis EIS Up To 4K 30fps 6 Axis EIS Up To 4K 30fps
Battery life 130 mins at 1080p 100 mins at 4K 30fps 90 mins at 4K 60fps
Price $89 (Camera Only Set) OR $109 (Full Set) $179 (Camera Only Set) OR $199 (Full Set) $269 (Camera Only Set) OR $289 (Full Set)


sj8 action camera 2.33" IPS touchscreen

The SJ8 series action cameras have a very large and clear IPS 2.33” touchscreen that’s even larger than the Hero 6 Black (2”)  and Yi 4K (2.19”) but falls a little smaller than the Mijia 4K (2.44”).

Anyhow, all SJ8 action cams utilise an IPS touchscreen, which is clearer and sensitive than normal LCD screens seen in other action cams.

Moreover, for the SJ8 Plus and Pro, there’s a front screen that displays useful information like shooting mode, storage and amount of battery left.


SJCAM claimed that the SJ8 plus has a 3 axis gyroscopic stabilization as opposed to the SJ8 Pro, which has 6 axis.

I’m not sure if the difference would be noticeable between these 2 and how well it would fare against other action cams as there aren’t any sample footage released by them, but I have high hopes for them.


sj8 action cam accessories

The SJ8 series comes in 2 different sets, the camera only set & full set, similar to Gitup action cams.

If you’re thinking about getting the camera set, it’s fine too as all SJ8 action cams have a tripod thread so mounting onto selfie sticks, tripods, gimbals will be fine, if that’s what you’re mainly using it for.

On the other hand, for $20 more, you can get yourself the full set. If you’re planning on mounting on your helmet, bike, etc, you should consider getting the full set since the accessories by SJCAM is very good in quality.

Note: Another thing to note is that although most of the mounts used are GoPro ones, hence universal, the waterproof housing is not compatible with previous SJCAM cams, such as SJ7 star and so forth, meaning if you’re thinking of getting it, you need to get a specific waterproof housing that specifically states that it works with the SJ8 action cams.

Touchscreen Waterproof Case

Similar to the SJ7 star, I really like how the touchscreen capability still works with the waterproof case on which is very useful to have as you can both protect and still fully operate your action cam at once.


sj8 action camera type c connector

The SJ8 series uses a USB Type C port for data transfer and charging, and when comparing to a traditional micro-USB, the plus is that it is reversible hence can be plugged in anyway.

As for data transfer speed, it’s not the type of port (Type-C, micro-USB, etc) that matters but the version of USB (3.1, 3.0, 2.0, etc). Thus, it’s actually quite misleading for SJCAM to label type-c to have faster transfer data as it has nothing to do with the type of port used.


This series really reminds me of the Yi action cam series because there are also 3 in the series and SJ8 Air corresponds to Yi Lite, SJ8 Plus to Yi 4K and SJ8 Pro to Yi 4K+.

For now, only the specs are released, and from this alone, it looks pretty promising and does seem to have pretty nice value for money.

That’s all I have, for now, full reviews and testing are coming soon so stay tuned by opting into the list!

Till next time, thanks for reading and have a great one!

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