sjcam sj8 pro full review

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Full Review – Aug 2018

I still remember the first action camera I had was an SJCAM SJ4000 and at that time, it was one of the best action cameras in the market.

Fast forward 3 years or so, we not only see action cams, but body cams, gimbals and dashcams made by SJCAM.

Recently, SJCAM has released a new batch of action cams, the SJ8 series, which I have briefly covered about here, but for the sake of those of you who didn’t read that, I’ve decided to quickly summarise it here.

The new SJ8 action cams series consist of 3 action cams, each at a different price point and with a different target audience in mind.

The SJ8 action cams closely resembles the action cams by Yi Technology, which features an entry level model, the SJ8 Air (Yi Lite) , the slightly beefier SJ8 Plus (Yi 4K) an finally their flagship model, the SJ8 Pro.

SJ8 Pro is the first action camera, that is released by SJCAM, to have specs close to other flagship models like the GoPro Hero 6 Black (costs almost 2x as much) and Yi 4K+ (slightly more expensive).

Without further ado, let me give you my honest opinion on the SJ8 Pro!

Contents of Review

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[rara_li]What It Comes With[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Body Interface & Design (Retina IPS Screen, Type-C Port, Indicator Screen, Battery & Micro-SD[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Camera Navigation (Quick Menu, Shooting Modes, Settings) [/rara_li]
[rara_li]Unique Features (H265, 5Ghz WiFi, 8x Digital Zoom)[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Picture & Video Quality (Audio, Raw Photos)[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Comparisons with Other Action Cams (SJ8 Pro Vs Yi 4K+ & Hero 6 Black)[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Smartphone App – SJCAM Zone[/rara_li]
[rara_li]Best Places To Buy [/rara_li][rara_li]Verdict – Yay or Nay? [/rara_li][/rara_list]


Features SJ8 Pro
Image Sensor 12MP Sony IMX377 (Similar To Yi 4K+)
Chipset (Processor) Ambarella H22 S85
Video Resolution 4K 60fps
Photo Resolution 12MP
Field of View 170˚
Display 2.33” IPS touchscreen + 0.96” OLED
Raw Photo
Video Format H264, H265
Image Stabilization 6 Axis EIS Up To 4K 30fps
Battery Life 90 mins at 4K 60fps
Best Buy:

In terms of specs, I find that the SJ8 Pro gives insane value for money because the specs are about the same as the Hero 6 Black which costs almost 2 times more than the SJ8 Pro!

However, as we know, there’s way more into an action cam then the specs so let’s move on to the accessories!

What it Comes With

sj8 pro review unboxing

There are 2 main packages you can purchase, full set & camera only.

The camera only set includes the bare minimum: charging cable, camera and user manual.

For an additional $20, you can get the full set, which includes:

  • 1 x Waterproof Housing; 1 x Quick Release Buckle
  • 1 x Handlebar Seat post Mount
  • 1 x Curved Adhesive Mount; 1 x Flat Adhesive Mount;
  • 2 x 3M Adhesive Tape; 1 x Universal 1/4″ Camera Tripod Mount
  • 1 x Tripod Mount Adapter; 1 x Cleaning Cloth; 1 x Type-C Cable

sj8 pro touchscreen waterproof case

Another cool thing is that it comes with a separate interchangeable touchscreen waterproof (3m) backdoor, similar to the SJ7 Star, which allows you to operate the camera when it’s inside the waterproof case. Thus, this is a good option for protecting the camera.

The main or default backdoor does not work with the touchscreen but it’s still more waterproof (30m) and durable than the one above.

Which Is Better: Full Set or Camera Only?

sj8 pro big box small box accessories bundle sjcam sj8 pro review

Personally, I’d go for that full set any day of the week because for that extra $20, you have so many more mounting options, not only limited to the tripod/selfie stick screw thread at the bottom. Even if you don’t decide to use it for your next trip, there will still be many opportunities in the future when you need it, be it snorkelling, scuba diving, etc.

Moreover, the accessories provided by SJCAM are also really good in quality. Thus, in my opinion, you should get the full set unless you plan on using it for one purpose.

Body Interface and Design

sj8 pro review body front and back

The SJ8 Pro has a rubbery feel to it and upon holding it for the first time, it certainly feels solidly built and very grippy to the touch too.

It also has roughly the same dimensions as other action cams but what is different is the lens position as it’s much higher and further to the right than normal action cams.

2.33” Retina IPS Screen

sj8 pro 2.33

The SJ8 Pro has a retina touchscreenIPS screen at the back and a 0.96” LED screen in the front.

When I first switched it on, I was honestly quite surprised at the detail and colour accuracy the back screen was able to display, which really resembles ones that you find on monitors and phones.

Because of this, I found that it’s by far one of the best, if not the best screens that I’ve seen on an action cam and I feel this is  one of SJ8 Pro’s strength.

USB-Type C Port

sj8 pro usb type c port

From the looks of it, most companies are shifting from Micro-USB to type C ports and it’s obvious that SJCAM is on board when they release 3 different action cams, with all of them utilising the same type-C port.

Although SJCAM claims that it has faster transfer rate, etc, it is actually not the case.

If we’re talking about data transfer speed, it’s actually not the type of port (Type-C, micro-USB, etc) that matters but the version of USB (3.1, 3.0, 2.0, etc). Thus, it has nothing to do with the type of port used.

However, the port is reversible, meaning it can be plugged on either sides, which makes it more convenient than the normal micro-usb ports, which you have a 50% chance that it’s the right way.

Front Indicator Screen

sj8 pro review front screen

Although it’s not a common sight amongst action cams, the SJ8 Pro has a 0.96” front screen which acts as a summary screen and is used to show important information such as shooting mode, battery life, time and resolution.

I found it really convenient to have because no matter what orientation it’s in, you’ll still be able to tell whether it’s shooting or not and how long it has been shooting for.

Battery & Micro-SD

sj8 pro battery review

At the bottom under the latch, holds the battery and the micro-sd card.

Although you can use any micro-sd card, I’d recommend you to get a UHS class 3 memory card especially if you’re planning on shooting in 4K because cards than that slower than that are prone to lagging especially in 4K.

As for the battery, it’s the first time that I’ve seen a battery of this dimension. For now, spare batteries are not available so you will have still have to wait a while for it to be on the shelf.

Camera Navigation

Quick Menu

sj8 pro swipe down quick menu wifi fpv remote lock screen

Swiping down, you will see 4 quick toggles:

[rara_tab_group type=”horizontal”]
[rara_tab title=”Lock Screen”]Locks the screen which prevents any accidental taps while filming.[/rara_tab]
[rara_tab title=”WiFi: “]Switches on and off Wifi to connect to your smartphone.[/rara_tab]
[rara_tab title=”FPV: “]Allows you to get a live footage with your drone or anything remote controlled. (will be doing a full tutorial on that soon)[/rara_tab]
[rara_tab title=”Remote Control: “]
There is an optional l SJCAM remote contro that you can purchase that allows you to fully control the camera from your wrist.[/rara_tab]

Shooting Modes

If you swipe up, you’d be able to see the 8 different shooting modes:

sj8 pro shooting modes picture video time-lapse slow motion

Here are the important few:

Photo & Video Lapse: Mainly for timelapse. Photo variation will take photos (up to 12MP) at set interval (up to 20s) while video timelapse will also capture (up to 4K – 8MP) at set interval (up to 30s) but it’ll produce a timelapse video instead of a set of photosC

Video + Photo: Takes a photo timelapse (photo taken at regular interval from 5s to 1 min) while the camera is recording at 1080p.

Car Mode: It will enable loop recording and be switched on automatically when it detects the power is on.


sj8 pro general settings review

These are just some of the settings you’ll see and it’s really easy to use and all you have to do is experiment and play around with it to fully understand it.

Unique Features

Below are some of the few features offered by the SJ8 Pro, which I feel makes it unique because very few other action cams out there in the market have these features.

H265 Video Encoding Compatibility

H265 encoding is still a relatively new technology and when compared to traditional H264 videos, H265 videos take up way less space, but at the same time not compromising on video quality. This means you can take more shots without occupying more space!

The only drawback of this is that it uses up more power to record and older operating systems (before Windows 10 & Mac OS High Sierra) may not be able to decode the video.

Quick Test: H265 VS H264

sj8 pro review encoding format h265 vs h264

50% “savings” using H265!

2.4G/5G WiFi Connection

sj8 5ghz wifi band

2.4G is used for the majority of action cameras to connect to smartphones because it’s easy to implement and doesn’t need much processing power.

However, because there are so many devices operating at 2.4G, it tended to get a little busy and hence signal speed dropped.  That’s when a new wave of WiFi, 5GHz, was introduced and it’s especially prevalent in newer routers and modem.

The main difference between the 5GHz band and the 2.4Ghz band is the range and the transfer rate.

5GHz provides faster data transfer rate at a shorter distance whereas 2.4GHz could offer wider coverage but at the expense of transfer speed.

Thus, it made sense to use 5GHz WiFi throughout since it’s not like we’ll ever be far away from our camera when we want to transfer some footage.

Just to be sure that it wasn’t a gimmick, I did a quick test between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to see which did better and here are the results I found from a :

File Size: 167.8MB

Frequency Duration To Transfer
5GHz 20s
2.4GHz 52.8s
I was genuinely surprised after I saw how fast the transfer took, thus I can say for sure that the 5GHz wifi band is in not anyway a gimmick and it works really well.

Voice Control

Many different sources claim that the SJ8 Pro has voice control but after scouring through the settings, I did not manage to find any voice control feature.

I also went forth and check the remote because some action cams require the remote for voice control capability (like the T5 Edge)  but I could not find it either, so at least until they release a new firmware or voice controlled remote, there is no voice control feature on the SJ8 Pro.

8x Digital Zoom

sj8 8x digital zoom

This zooming feature on the SJ8 pro is really a useful feature to have.

Similar to the Hero 6 Black, it uses a digital zoom, meaning the digital image on the sensor is cropped and enlarged as opposed to optical zoom, where the image is

However, the SJ8 Pro has an extra edge as it allows you to toggle the zooming magnitude while filming, which is not possible on the Hero 6 Black.

All in all, although it’s not common that we use this zoom in feature, it’s still a nifty feature to have at your disposal if you decide to use it one day.

Picture & Video Quality

The SJ8 Pro is able to film up to 4K 60fps but it’s best to use that resolution only if you have a gimbal as gyro stabilization is not supported at that resolution, hence the video may be a little shaky without a gimbal.

That’s why my go to, or default resolutions would be either 4K 30fps or 1440p 60fps.

I’m also quite confused as to why they didn’t allow 2.7K shooting because that would make a great bridge between 4K and 1080p.

4K Screengrab

[rara_slide caption=”Click for full screengrab.” link=”” target=”_self”][/rara_slide]
[rara_slide caption=”8x Digital Zoom” link=”” target=”_self”][/rara_slide]

Anyhow, in terms of both the image and video quality that you get from the SJ8 Pro, I found it to be really really good and detailed for something at this price range.

However, I felt it still wasn’t perfect and could be improved particularly in terms of colour saturation and dynamic range.

Ultra Vs Normal Shot

Apart from the normal shooting resolution, the SJ8 Pro is also able to shoot in Ultra, which is a term used in the action cam world to describe wider angled shots.

Take a look at the difference in my screen grab of a video I took.

[rara_slide caption=”4K Ultra Screengrab” link=””_blank”][/rara_slide]
[rara_slide caption=”Normal 4K Screengrab” link=””_blank”][/rara_slide]

Photo Quality

The SJ8 Pro is able to take up to 12MP (4000×3000 pixels) photos and it’s really clear and colour contrast is also pretty good too. Take a look for yourself here:

Click to view full image.

Distortion Correction

[rara_slide caption=”Distortion Correction On” link=””_self”][/rara_slide]
[rara_slide caption=”Distortion Correction Off” link=”” target=”_self”][/rara_slide]

New SJCAM Raw Converter Edit Raw Images *Updated 15 Aug (Read update below)

sjcam raw converter screenshot convert to dng

A new raw converter has been released by SJCAM which now works with the SJ8 Pro. Yay!

All you’ve got to do is download the software, select the folder your images are in, click convert and BAM!

It worked perfectly and really glad that they fixed this issue!

Sadly, for those Mac users out there, the software won’t be available anytime soon so you’ve to find a Windows PC be it from a local library or from your workplace.

Other raw samples and comparisons coming soon so stay tuned!

SJ8 Pro Vs Hero 6 Black – Video Quality

Take a look at this quick comparison by Zi Reviews Tech.

As you can see, the main difference between these 2 cams lie in their dynamic colour range. The Hero 6 does a better job in this regard than the SJ8 Pro as it has brighter and darker colours whereas the one on the SJ8 Pro wasn’t as dark nor as light as the Hero 6.

However, I still felt the SJ8 Pro had way greater value for money in terms of image quality, comparing to the Hero 6, hence the SJ8 Pro is the way to go, if you’re into bang for buck.

Comparisons with Other Action Cams

Let’s first talk about the Yi 4K+and SJ8 Pro.

These 2 action cams, in my opinion, are the closest to each other in terms of specs and price (though 4K+ is more costly).

Here’s a quick comparison in terms of specs.

Features SJ8 Pro Yi 4K+
Video Resolution 4K – 60, 50, 30, 25 fps
1440p – 60, 50, 30, 25f ps
4K – 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24 fps
2.7K – 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24 fps
Photo Resolution 12MP 12MP
Waterproof Index 30M With A Waterproof Housing 40M With A Waterproof Housing
Display 2.33” IPS Touchscreen + 0.96” OLED Front Screen 2.19” LCD Touchscreen
Raw Photo (Currently Has Error)
Video Format H264, H265 H264
Battery life 90 mins 88 mins

$300 (Camera Only Set)

The specs are really similar to be honest but I feel the main differences is the features they provide.

For now, even without the SJ8 Pro failing to keep their promise with the live streaming and raw photos, Yi 4K+ still offers slightly more features, with the ones mentioned before and also some slightly more minute features such as lock ISO and more importantly voice control.

Because of this, I feel that the Yi 4K+ is currently still has better value for money despite its biggest limitation which is the lack of accessories and a slightly more expensive price point.

SJ8 Pro Vs GoPro Hero 6 Black

Features SJ8 Pro GoPro Hero 6 Black
Video Resolution 4K – 60, 50, 30, 25 fps
1440p – 60, 50, 30, 25f ps
4K – 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps
2.7K – 120, 100, 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps
Photo Resolution 12MP 12MP
Waterproof Index 30M With A Waterproof Housing 10M Without Waterproof, 60M With A Waterproof
Display 2.33” IPS Touchscreen + 0.96” OLED Front Screen 2” LCD Touchscreen
Raw Photo
Video Format H264, H265 H264, H265
Battery life 90 mins 70 mins
Best Buy: $399 (Camera Only Set)

It may not seem fair at first how we are comparing a $500 action cam to a $280 one.

But, if you look close enough, they are really similar in terms of specs and features and it’s SJCAM showing us how well of a job they can shave the price off while at the same time keeping all the important features in.

Sure, the Hero 6 has wider dynamic range, and even has better editing software (Quik). However, we need to bear in mind we are paying nearly twice the price of the SJ8 Pro to get these features.

So at the end of the day, is it worth it? For some, it may seem reasonable, but for me, I don’t really see the point of spending twice just for a tad bit of better video quality and slightly better support.

Smartphone App (SJCAM Zone)

sj8 pro sjcam zone smartphone app overview review

There’s nothing that stands out from its competitors as far as the app goes.

Using the app, you can pretty much do what many other apps can, such as remotely control the camera, editing the footage, sharing to the SJCAM community and live viewing of your footage.

Settings & Album

[rara_slide caption=”Settings are similar to the camera.” link=”” target=”_blank”][/rara_slide]
[rara_slide caption=”You can directly download the footages to your phone.” link=”” target=”_blank”][/rara_slide]

Firmware Update

Latest Firmware Update (1.2.4) – Last Updated On 14 Aug

Just to give an update, the newest firmware improves and fixes quite a lot of bugs and glitches that I’ve originally experienced when doing this review prior so it’s really great that many of it is fixed.

Moreover, there’re a couple of additional settings from the last time I’ve updated it (1.2.0) such as ability to switch on and off indicator light, back display and more.

Best Places To Get It

Best Buy Check Price Here

Verdict (Aug Update)

So after maybe 3 months after their release of the SJ8 Pro, I’ve came back to reevaulate this camera.

After their recent update, the whole firmware feels way more stable and easier to use as well and as a resul, the camera feels way more pleasing to use and I’ve got a whole new level of confidence when using this now.

Moreover, the implementation of new technology such as 5GHz WiFi band, H265 video encoding and use of reversible Type-C ports leads me to think that this camera is out of the world because not only is it new but it’s also set at a very attractive price point.

All in all, I felt especially after the SJCAM firmware update, it certainly feels like the best action camera in terms of bang for buck. The image quality is AMAZING and certainly feels and looks great to use.

And because of this whether you’re using it for your next vacation, beach trips or a quick road trip off work, I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an action cam with great build, image quality and not to mention bang for buck, but don’t require the other fancier bells and whistles that more costly action cams have (voice control, GPS, built-in waterproofness etc).

That’s all for my review on the newest SJ8 Pro. Reviews on the other SJ8 Series action cams such as the SJ8 Air and SJ8 Plus is coming soon so stay tuned by by joining our list to get updated action cam news and more!

I’d also like to thank SJCAM for sending me this sample to review & you who sticked with me till the end!

Till next time, have a great one!


269 USD

Video/Image Quality


Build Quality


User Experience


Bang For Your Money


Audio Quality


Smartphone App



  • Solid Build Quality
  • Sharp Image Quality
  • Great Value For Money
  • Fast 5GHz Transfer Speed
  • Good Quality Accessories
  • Sharp Retina Touchscreen
  • User-friendly Interface


  • Lack of Certain Features Like GPS, Voice Control, etc
  • Can't think of much after the firmware

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