SJ-Gimbal First Looks

As we know, SJCAM is one of the most dominant brands in the action camera market, which can be dated all the way to their first action camera, the SJCAM SJ4000. That have raised a lot of eyes since, as they were challenging GoPro for about a fifth of its price.

Come back to 2017, SJCAM has plans on releasing their first new gimbal, the new SJ-Gimbal.

SJ-Gimbal First Looks

As of now, we know that it’s a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer and that it will fit with just about any ‘matchbox’ style action camera on the market.

Gimbal Control: SJ6 Legend and SJ7 Star Unique Feature


Good news for those of you who owns a SJ6 Legend or SJ7 Star!

When used together with this gimbal, the new ‘Gimbal Control’ mode will work together with your action camera, and be able to change the modes and even customise settings directly using the gimbal!

For now, that’s all we know. I am quite excited about it! It’d be a really cool addition for those of you who owns an action camera!

If you wish to know more about it, more details on the pics, specs, release date and pricing can be found on the SJCAM blog here!


SJ-Gimbal First Looks

SJ-Gimbal First Looks

SJ-Gimbal First Looks

Unboxing and Demo

Sample Footage

–>Follow the official SJCAM blog here for updates for this gimbal!<–

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