sjcam sj9 series overview

NEW SJCAM SJ9 Strike & SJ9 Max Series | Apr 19′

SJCAM recently released a new set of very exciting series of action cams, the SJ9 Strike and Max.

Also, concurrently, it seems like they’re also releasing the SJCAM Ion Line series, which I’m not exactly sure what’s the significance, but feel free to check them out.

Anyways, let’s cover what’s special about the new and promising SJ9 cameras!

2 Cameras – SJ9 Strike & Max

sjcam sj9 strike and max overview

As of now, most of the sneak peeks shown by SJCAM highlights the SJ9 Strike so most of the information we’ve got now deals with the Strike.

Supersmooth Gyro Stabilization + 4K 60fps

sjcam sj9 hypersmooth gyro stabilization

Is the SJ9 going to be as silky smooth like the Hypersmooth stabilization or as vibrant and sharp as the Hero 7 Black?

I certainly hope so!

And although no footages have been released yet, SCJAM seems to have put quite a fair bit of emphasis on the stabilization feature!

Wireless Charging – 1st Ever Action Cam To Have This?

sjcam sj9 wireless charging 1300mah

Bigger Battery Capacity Too

As of now, I haven’t really seen any other action cams with wireless charging feature so this is quite exciting!

Wireless charging certainly makes it easier to use as you no longer need to plug and unplug your devices when you want to use it!

Native 8m Waterproof

sj9 waterproof native

Similar to the one seen in GoPro cameras, you’ll no longer need to latch on a waterproof case when filming shallow underwater.

This may not seem much but from experience, it’ll certainly make it more convenient for you since you no longer have to carry that bulky waterproof case around with you!

Another advantage of not requiring the case would definitely be better audio since there is nothing between the mic and the environment.

Live Streaming

sj9 live streaming capability


As of now, the only things I can say that this might have the chance of being a game changer in the action cam industry!

If SJCAM is able to deliver its promise, especially regarding the smooth stabilization (Hero 7equivalent or better) and stable wireless charging, which I definitely hope for, the SJ9 might have a good chance of being the best in the market!

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves since it has yet to be released!

According to SJCAM, although the prices are not known, for now, shipping will commence from the 1/2 week of May!

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