New Insta360 GO – Best Vacation Cam (Or Not?)

Insta360 just released another camera the Insta360 GO that surprised the world, just like how they did when they announced their other cameras, the ONE, Nano and EVO, a 360˚ + 3D camera.

The Insta360 GO isn’t really an action cam, vlogging cam or a handheld camera.

In fact, it’s all, 3 in 1.

15-30-60 Seconds

The GO doesn’t work like a normal camera because it only allows you to capture really short clips.

This kind of forces you to capture the highlights of your shots.

Furthermore, you have the option to set interval so it will switch on every few hours in the day and capture whatever you’re doing.

A nice way to get more natural shots without having to think about it.

Next Level Shots With Hyperlapse, Timelapse & Slow-Mo

However, if you’re in the mood to chill and enjoy the sunset, the time-lapse option is also available.


Barrel Roll

Furthermore, if you’re up for upping your game in your next trip, the amazing looking Hyperlapse and barrel Roll can be more ways to wow your family and friends.

Flow State Stabilization

The state of the art 6 axis stabilisation by Insta360 which is used by all its other cameras is surprisingly available .

It’s even comparable to the Hypersmooth stabilisation by GoPro.

So even if you’re on the go, jumping from places to places, you never have to worry about shaky shots, because it’s just that good.

Stick, Plug & Share With AI

There are several features that help make sharing with the GO easy and convenient.

To access the clips, simply stick the magnetic base to its charging case and connect it to your phone.

From there, all you have to do is either select the clips and share it, or let AI do the work.

FlashCut uses AI to pick up the best, most unique shots out of all, so you can don’t have to manually pick out your clips (though you still can) and instead share your whole trip to the world in a beat.

Magnetic Body - Endless Possibilities

All of GO accessories take advantage of its extremely strong magnetic body so you can mount it anywhere you want.

From your head, chest, hips all the way to pretty much any solid surface, you can just about mount everywhere you can think of.

The magnetism on the GO is super strong and coupled that with its lightweight body, don’t even worry about it falling off.

The best part about it?

It comes with everything, so no extra spending fo time and money on your part! 

Is This For You?

Though it doesn’t shoot high-resolution 4K shots like many other action cams, 1080p is way better than enough for the most of us (saves tons of space as well!).

Many a time, during our holiday trips we capture so many redundant shots that we don’t even have the time to clear and not to mention the huge amount of space it takes.

But with the GO, you never have to worry about that since you can download to your phone, use FlashCut to edit your clips and delete them.

Furthermore, due to its small form factor, you can simply fit it in your pocket when you’re taking a break or easily whip it out to get your shots.

So you don’t have to deal with all the hassle of opening your backpack to pull out your camera and selfie stick or whatever accessories you use.

And that’s why I’d definitely recommend this to everyone looking for a simple, all in one solution for their holiday trips.

Certainly a great investment that you’d not regret.

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