My Most Used and Favourite GoPro, SJCAM Accessories

My Favourite Accessories For Action Cameras

Hi! Today we are going to run through the different accessories that I use in different occasions and why they are my favourite ones to use.

The Basic Set

Basic Set Accessories and Mounts for GoPro, SJCAM, Eken, ThiEYEThis set of accessories is included in most cameras that are in the affordable price range which is under 150USD, with the exception of a few such as the ThiEYE T5. (GoPro does not offer them either). These accessories are definitely enough for an average user as I am going to explain how you can use them in the bottom few sections.


In this set, there are many mounts that you can attach to your camera. The mounts from Eken, SJCAM, GoPro or GeekPro all can be used interchangeably because they have the pretty much the same dimensions as far as the physical dimensions go.

There are a lot ways you can use them and most of the mounts (not the tripod adapter) can be used interchangeably and it all boils down to your needs.

How you can get them, if you don’t already have them

If you do not own any action camera as of now, this basic set usually comes with camera like SJCAM, Eken or GeekPro and it is definitely more worth to buy them together with the camera.

If you own something else, like the ThiEYE or GoPro which does offer some, but not all of these accessories you might want to consider purchasing them as it is a really good investment as it is durable and can last you a very long time even after you decide to change or upgrade your camera.

Best Buy:

Banggood – 17 USD or 18USD for additional Monopod, Chest Belt and Head Strap

For Adrenaline Sports

Mounting on Helmet

Mounting on helmet GoPro, SJCAM, SJ4000 Instructions

If you are into adrenaline sports, such as bungee jumping, sky-diving, wakeboarding etc, chances are that you will need a helmet for protection.  The pictures below illustrates how you can use the mounts from the basic set to mount onto your helmet.

Mounting on Chest

chest mount GoPro, SJCAM, Eken, ThiEYEAnother POV you can use would be your chest, which I personally enjoy more as there is less weight on your head. You can use a chest strap which you can easily buy here for 18USD and mount it with your camera together with a quick tighten of a screw.

For Mounting for Water Activities


If you are into water sports or water activities such as diving, snorkelling, etc, I think you will be interested in this brand called NeoPine. They offer many products including mounts that can be mounted directly to your snorkel mask that you can easily mount your camera to.

The snorkel mask, other than being able to mount cameras, also has anti-fog, wide view and is foldable, which makes it a very good snorkel mask to have.

Best Buy:

GearBest – 32 USD


If you are into diving, you can buy a NeoPine waterproof strap mount that straps onto your shoulder tightly and safely without affecting your movements too much.

Best Buy:

GeekBuying  – 17 USD

For Mounting on Bicycle

This is probably very intuitive because there is already a mount that you can use directly to the handlebar of your bicycle. I have tried mounting onto the handlebar stem of the bike (the one that connects your bike frame and the handlebar) but the stem was too thick to mount.

bicycle-mount-for-Gopro-SJCAM-eken-ThieyeThese mounts are all included in the basic set which you should definitely get because with that, it covers up to 90% of the mounts in the market.

One thing you should note would be that whenever you mount a camera on your bike, footages will get very unstable and shaky. Hence, stabilising your footages is required which you can read more about here.

For Travelling

I go travelling very often to visit my relatives and at the same time, to take a look at tourist attractions.

When I am travelling, I am not really a fan of carrying things with my hands and prefer being handsfree because I do not want to risk losing it if I accidentally forget to take it after leaving a place. Therefore, I usually like to carry it instead and likewise, for my camera, I do not really like carrying it and would rather clip or mount it.

rotatable belt or bag clip for Gopro, SJCAM, Eken, ThiEYE
3rd Party Belt Clip

I feel that this one, which is not inside the basic set is more reliable and sturdy because there is a larger surface area in the clip, allowing it to be mounted on your belt or bag strap, etc more snugly.

rotatable belt clip for Gopro or other action camerasAlso, it is rotatable and thus creates more recording flexibility too.

Best Buy

Banggood – 5 USD

Banggood – 6 USD (If you do not own the quick connectors in the basic set)

For Taking Selfies/Wefies

I really enjoy taking selfies and wefies because we can then share with our friends and families. These are some of the selfies sticks that are really portable, light and compact.

4 in 1 Monopod for smartphone and action camera, GoPro, Eken, SJCAM, ThiEYEMulti-purpose selfie stick. It can stand by itself and has Bluetooth image capability if you decide to use it with a smartphone. Its original length is 19.5 cm can extend up to 85 cm which is more than enough.

Click here to buy for 18 USD.


This Telesin selfie stick has a phone catch which you can put your phone there to see the camera’s live footage instead of holding your phone awkwardly in another hand to see your camera’s live footage.

Click here to buy for 8 USD + Shipping from Amazon OR 14 USD from GearBest OR 18 USD from Banggood.

Underwater Shots

If you are interested in taking selfies underwater, there are some durable waterproof selfie sticks for your action cameras.

okaa-monopod-waterproof-cheap-selfie-stickThis one has a lot of capturing flexibility because allows you to rotate your camera to any angle you like for 15 USD. It can also extend from 35 cm to 93cm, which is the larger version compared to the one below.

Click here to buy for 15 USD from Banggood 

Cheaper Alternative

cheap waterproof selfie stick for action camera and smartphoneThis 17 cm waterproof monopod can extend up to 48 cm and is more compact and cheaper than the one above that you can buy for 10 USD but it does not offer as much flexibility as the one above.

Click here to buy for 10USD at Banggood.

For Taking Panoramic Time-lapse

Another type of video technique I really enjoy would be time-lapse, especially those that pan, allowing you to see a really wide angle of the place you are in. Many of the professionals do this when filming their vlog to add some spice and excitement into their vlogs.

Speed of panning cannot be adjusted because all of this are mechanical. An option if you do not want to spend too much would be to buy 2 units and stack them together, giving twice the speed.

Radian-2-Time-Lapse-Bluetooth-Camera-ControlHowever, if your budget is higher in the hundreds range, or you are working professionally, you can consider Radian 2 from Alphine Labs which costs $299. It allows you to control the speed of the turning and many other settings through your phone. You can check more information about it here.

The stabilisers below differ in the speed of panning. The above one pans 360˚ every hour whereas the bottom ones pan 360˚every 2 hours.

Sevenoak panoramic time lapse stabilizer for action cameras, smartphoneThis turns 360˚ every hour. It can support up to 2kg of load, meaning you put technically put any camera on it and it spins counterclockwise. However, if you wish to spin the other way, the company suggest that you hang it upside down which is quite weird because I am not sure how you can do that safely and reliably.

You can buy it for 12 USD from Camfere.

CameraPlus Panoramic Time lapse Stabilizer for smartphone and action camerasThis time lapse stabiliser is made by cameraplus and it has stainless steel for both the 1/4″ screw to mount the camera and also at the bottom of the stabilizer to mount with tripods (if you want) which is more durable and will last longer because it will not rust. It can support up to 450g worth of load and note that the quick connector is not included in the package. You can instead buy the one at the bottom which comes together with it.

This turns 360˚ for 2 hours.

You can buy it from Amazon for 18 USD + Shipping.

Time-Lapse-Stabilizer-360-Degrees-Panning-Rotating-60-Min-Mount-Tripod-Adapter-for-Gopro-5-4The last panning stabilizer is surprisingly cheap for what it is offering. The load that it can handle is 3.5 kg and it even comes with an adapter and a screw which is everything you need! Well except for the camera of course.

It pans at 360˚ for 2 hours like the one above and can support any type of cameras, ranging from smartphone, action cameras all the way up to DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

You can buy it for 18 USD from AliExpress (Free Shipping). 

If you like to travel a lot or enjoy sightseeing, this should definitely be on your purchase list.


Above are some of the mounts I find online that is cheap yet good quality. I feel that the list that I have done above fits most of the things that people use their action camera with.

If you like to know more about the mounts or would like to discuss something that I did not include inside, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll be sure to answer it! Thanks for reading and have a nice day! 😀 

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  1. I love to look at the available mounts that are available and you compiled a bunch of great ones all in one page.
    The time laps panoramic one is new to me. I knew they existed but always assumed that they were way out of my price range. I am totally going to get one of those. Thanks for your article, I learned something new.

  2. Hey there,
    I was actually looking for something for a gift and this is exactly what I needed. I’ve ordered the snorkeling mask and judging by the reviews my dad is going to love this. I am also thinking about getting the diving thingy as that is what we do as well. How does it fit with the rest of the gear if you have the tank on the back as well?
    Looking forward to your answer.

    1. Oh hi, really good question! The strap is actually adjustable so you can actually position the camera in front at your chest area if you’d like to! This will thus not intrude the space of the tank.

      Also, do you own an action camera? If yes, what?

      Looking forward to your reply!

  3. Similar as you, I like to use my action camera when I am travelling to other countries/places. I love to capture all the fantastic memories and beautiful sights. And bringing my action camera around places, I will really like to keep my hands free! (it gets a little tiring if you carry the camera in your hand for a long period of time!) The 360 Degree Rotary Quick Clip Mount definitely looks interesting! Thanks for the recommendation!

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