mijia 4k review

MiJia 4K Action Cam Review

Today, we are going to take a look at the new Mijia 4K, which is the first action camera made by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has never made an action camera although they have been known for other similar camera products such as the Mijia 360 and the Mijia dash camera.

You might think, what about the Xiaomi Yi action cams?

Well, from what I understand, Yi action cams are made and manufactured by Yi technology but they partnered up with Xiaomi to help them distribute. The reason is that Xiaomi is already a well-known brand and so it would be easier to partner with Xiaomi and help them sell instead.

Contents of Review:


Looking only at the specs, it is actually slightly lower than average for this price point. However, this doesn’t make it a ‘bad’ action cam because of the quality of the camera, which we’ll cover more on below.

What It Comes With

mijia 4k accessories

The quick start guide that comes with it is in Chinese, and as of now, there aren’t any guides in English.

The Mijia 4K also doesn’t come with any extra accessories such as mounts or waterproof housing, which is one of the main drawback of this.

Optional accessories

However, there are many external accessories that you can buy. Although as of now, they aren’t any original accessories out for sale yet, there are a couple of third parties accessories you can buy.

Anyways, below are some of the accessories that work together with the Mijia 4K Action Cam.


xiaomi mijia 4K action camera gimbal review

The gimbal is pretty expensive when compared to the camera but the price is still really reasonable for a gimbal with this quality.xiaomi-mijia-4K-action-camera-gimbal-review

Furthermore, the gimbal is only compatible with the Mijia 4K, which further limits its versatility.

The gimbal works together with the Mijia 4K really well and once it’s connected, you can directly control and charge the camera such as starting and stopping recording, exposure settings, from the gimbal. Furthermore, it is also able to charge it using the gimbal’s battery.

Till this date, I’d still think the Mijia 4K has the best, most integrated action camera gimbal, amongst others such as the Yi Gimbal.

Check out my full review of the mijia gimbal here!

Waterproof Case – 40m

xiaomi mijia official waterproof case

I actually expect a waterproof case or a protective housing to come with every action camera but apparently this isn’t the case for the Mijia 4K.

As of now, there is only 1 official one selling at Gearbest and it does seem to be very well-thought of and good quality.

Buy Here (Official):

Buy Here (3rd Party):


Mijia 4K Action Camera Additional Battery

Only for the battery, you can buy the official battery, either directly from Xiaomi or other retailers.

Buy Here: GearBest – 13 USD


mijia 4k interface

  1. Camera Lens
  2. Front Indicator
  3. Shutter + Power Button
  4. Top Indicator
  5. 1st Microphone
  6. Speaker
  7. Micro-USB Cover
  8. Micro-USB Port
  9. 2nd Microphone
  10. 2.4″ Touchscreen
  11. Battery Cover Lock
  12. Battery Cover
  13. 1/4″ Thread Hole
  14. Battery
  15. Micro-SD Slot

mijia 4k action camera review

My first experience upon holding it was that it’s well built and good quality.

Although it has only one button, it is still very convenient to navigate around with the responsive touch screen.
mijia 4k action camera review
I also found the design to be very ergonomic as it was easy to hold and the shutter button was also very within easy reach.

It also has a rather appealing matte finish and a unique design too.


There is only one button, which is used to switch on/off and as a shutter button. Most of the other operations are either done through the mobile app or the touchscreen.

Light Indicators

mijia 4k light indicator

There are 2 indicators, one beside the shutter button and the other beside the lens.

Front Indicator: This indicator basically show the battery level and recording status. Charging – Solid Red; Fully Charged – No Light

High Battery Level: Green; Medium Battery Level: Orange; Low Battery: Solid Red

Top Indicator has only 1 function which is to indicate that it is recording.

Recording: Blinking Red; Successful video saved: Rapid Blinking Red


There are 2 ports.

The Micro-USB port is used to either transfer media to your computer or for charging.

This port is also protected by a door which can be easily slid close or open to access the port.

The other one is the Micro-SD card slot which is under the battery cover, beside the battery.


mijia 4k action camera review

The only way to possibly mount this camera, as of now, is using the ¼: thread tripod bush. This can be mounted onto almost all of the selfie sticks and tripods out there, which makes it convenient and easy to mount.


mijia 4k quick start guide

I found the settings are very neatly designed and navigating around is rather straightforward too.

Quick Menu

mijia 4k quick menu

If you swipe down, you’ll be able to access the quick menu.


There are different settings for each mode and an additional one for the device.

Device Settings

mijia 4k device settings

The settings page can be accessed via swiping down and clicking the left rotary icon in the quick menu.

Video Standard
Switch between NTSC (30fps) or PAL (25fps), which is based on the region you live in. Read more about it here.

SD card
To format or show the storage available.

Default Mode
To select which mode is selected after the camera powers up

Beep Volume
Select the volume of the sound when pressing the buttons

LCD Brightness
Adjust Screen Brightness

Rotates the image 180° degrees when you mount your cam upside down (e.g. dash cameras)

Auto Screen Lock
To set the duration before the screen goes off.

Auto Power off
To set the duration before the power goes off during standby.

Wi-Fi Auto On
To set whether WiFi switches on automatically

Bluetooth Pairing
For connecting to bluetooth remote control

In Housing Mode

mijia 4k housing mode
Turn this one when you have no access to the touchscreen (such as in waterproof housing).

Everything will be controlled using the shutter button. Long Press to select. Short Press to toggle modes.

User Guide
Shows you though the camera & for you to familiarise with the camera

Date & Time
Set the date and time if you switched on the date stamp option. Will be automatically synced to your phone when you connect to the app.

Available Language: English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese

Device Info
Shows you data of your camera, such as model, version, etc

Camera Default
Resets your Camera, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings.

Photo Settings

mijia 4k photo settings

Aspect Ratio
Sets the image resolution 4:3 (2880 x 2160) or 16:9 (3840 x 2160). Only able to take 8MP photos, no other options.

Output Format
Choose between JPG for normal photos or JPG + DNG for RAW photos.

Lens Distortion 
If you switch it on, it decreases the fisheye distortion but at the same time losing some field of view. Example in the image samples section below.

Select whether you want time stamp on your recordings. Time can be adjusted through device settings (above).

Metering Mode
to select where exposure should be measured (Average, Center, Spot). I found Center the best for all round performance.

EV (Exposure Value)
Adjusts the exposure. (± 2 EV)

Set the shutter speed or duration of exposure (8s, 4s, 2s, 1s, 1/2s, 1/4s, 1/15s, 1/30s, 1/60s and Auto). Longer exposure takes more light, whereas shorter exposure reduces blur.

Adjust ISO (Auto, 100, 200, 400 and 800). Learn more about it here.

Different photo filter (Standard, Bright, Artistic, Film and Classic). Example in the samples section below.

WB (White Balance)
Adjust white balance settings (Incandescent, Sunshine, Cloudy, Underwater or Auto). Example in the samples section below.

Video Settings

mijia 4k video settings


  • 4K (3840 x 2160) – 30 fps
  • 2.5K (2560 x 1440) – 30fps
  • 1080p  (1920 x 1080) – 100 / 60 / 30 fps
  • 720p (1280 x 720) – 200 fps

Select the image quality (super fine, fine or normal). Choosing finer will increase data size and quality.

Lens Distortion 
If you switch it on, it decreases the fisheye distortion but at the same time losing some field of view. Example in the image samples section below.

EIS (Works up to 1080p 60fps)
If you decide to switch it on,  the videos will be less shaky at the expense of a lower field of view, or video wideness (similar to lens distortion).

Mic Mute
Turn on/off audio recording.

Select whether you want time stamp on your recordings. Time can be adjusted through device settings (above).

Metering Mode
to select where exposure should be measured (Average, Center, Spot). I found Center the best for all round performance.

EV (Exposure Value)
Adjusts the exposure. (± 2 EV)

WB (White Balance)
Adjust white balance settings (Incandescent, Sunshine, Cloudy, Underwater or Auto). Example in the samples section below.

Other Modes’ Settings

Time Lapse Video
Set the interval (0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s or 60s) and the video length (Max, 6s, 8s, 10s, 20s, 30s or 60s, 120s).

Slow Motion
Slow motion mode records the video in a higher frame rate and calibrates the video to play slower

  • Slow down by 8x (720p 200fps): Final Output: 720p 25fps
  • Slow down by 4x (1080p 100fps): Final Output: 1080p 25fps
  • Slow down by 2x (1080p 60fps): Final Output: 1080p 30fps

Loop Recording

Record videos in chunks of a preset duration (1/2/5 mins).

When the storage is full, the camera will delete the oldest video clip and start another one so that it will potentially never run out of memory. Hence, if you were to use it for say, car cameras, you would not have to continuously remove and clear your footage manually!

Video + Photo (Works only for 1080p 30/60fps)

Photos will be taken at a set interval (5s, 10s, 30s or 60s), all while a video is being recording.

You can set the duration of the countdown (3s, 5s, 10s or 15s) before a photo is taken.

Takes multiple photos quickly all at once and measured in pictures per second (3 P/s, 5P/s, 10P/s, 10P/2s, 10P/3s, 30P/6s.)

Time Lapse Photo

In time-lapse photo, the camera will capture photos at a set interval (0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s or 60s). The output will be tons of photos unlike the time-lapse video where output is a video file.

Quality is also better in time-lapse photo but editing and stitching of the photos are required. Click here to learn how.

Shooting Modes

mijia 4k shooting modes

There are a total of 9 shooting modes, which includes everything and I mean everything, that you’ll need! All you need to switch modes is a swipe and a tap.

  1. Video: Basic Video Recording
  2. Time-Lapse Video: Automatically creates time-lapse video
  3. Slow MotionAutomatically creates slowed down video
  4. Loop Recording: Useful for dash cams where if storage is full, it’ll overwrite oldest clip and continue recording
  5. Video + Photo: Takes a photo at a set interval, while video is being recorded. Least used mode in my opinion. (Used in comp
  6. Photo: To take a picture
  7. Timer – Takes a photo after the set duration 
  8. Burst: Takes multiple photos quickly all at once (max: 10 pics/s)
  9. Time-Lapse Photo: Shoots photos at a regular set interval, which can be edited into time-lapse later on.

Unique Features

6 Axis Stabilisation EIS

Mijia 4K 6 Axis Stabilization

The 6 axis image stabilization is powered by the Bosch BMI160 IMU, which has a 3 Axis Gyro-meter and a 3 Axis Accelerometer, allowing the camera to accurately stabilize the video without much loss in quality.

Stabilisation Samples

Let’s take a look at some samples comparing the image stabilization.

As you can see from the samples above, it works very well and is definitely better than most action cams at this price point!

However, having said that, a small drawback is that the electronic image stabilization only work for video resolution up to 1080p 60fps and wouldn’t work for anything higher.

Image Sensor & Lens

4k mijia full review

The lens has a f/2.8 aperture and has a field of view of 145˚.

On average, most action cameras have an aperture of about f/3+ and a field of view of about 170˚. Thus, using that as a comparison, the Mijia has a higher aperture which helps it shoot better in low light scenarios. At the same time, it has a narrower field of view, which means that it does not record as wide of a video and at the same time lesser fisheye distortion.

What does Aperture and Field Of View mean?

What is Aperture in Action Cams? - Action Cam Guides

Let me try my best to make this as simple as possible. In action cams, the aperture number is simply the size of the image sensor. The smaller the number after the ‘f/’ is, the bigger the aperture, hence size of image sensor is.

Therefore the bigger the aperture, the more the light will get through, and hence, the better it is at low light environments.

field of view in action cams

On the other hand, field of view is how wide the video is. It is measured in degrees and 180˚ means it can record everything from the left to right and 90˚ means it can only record half of that.

If you want to know more about field of view and aperture, click here!

Image Quality

The Mijia 4K camera is capable of taking 8.3MP photos (3840 x 2160).

I found the image quality is very good and sharp. Colours are also very saturated and accurate.

For it’s price, I think it has one of the best photo quality I have seen and I really like it!

Enjoy the samples below 🙂 .

Pictures Samples

Mijia 4k Photo Sample

Click to see the full image!

Mijia 4k Photo Sample

Click to see the full image!


This mini action camera also has the ability to shoot ‘RAW’ photos!

If you are new to photography, RAW is a file format that captures all the image data recorded by the image sensor when taking a photo. On the other hand, when shooting in a format like JPEG, image information is compressed and lost, which results in a lower quality when compared to RAW photos!

Mijia 4K DNG Picture Samples

Raw (.DNG) Photo – Click to view full image.

Mijia 4K Picture Samples

JPG Photo – Click to view full image.

As you can see, the RAW photo is a more accurate representation of the real place compared to the JPG one!

More samples here if you are interested!

Sample 1 (JPG, RAW)

Sample 2 (JPG, RAW)

Distortion (On/Off)

Mijia 4k Photo Sample Fisheye Distortion On & Off

Above: Normal Below: Fisheye Distortion Correction

Colour Filters

mijia 4k photo filter

Video & Audio Quality

Comparison Video With GoPro Hero 5 Black

Timelapse (Photo & Video)

Distortion (On/Off)

Smartphone app – MiHome (IOS/Android)

mijia 4k connecting to app

From the camera, switch WiFi on by swiping down to access the quick menu and selecting the WiFi button.

From your phone, connect to the Wi-Fi using the password and SSID shown on the camera.

Main Home Page

mijia app interface mihome

The Mijia utilises a generalised app, which is used together by MiJia home appliances.

  1. Return to connection page
  2. Settings Page
  3. Turn On/Off Distortion
  4. Turn On/Off Grid Lines
  5. Shooting Modes Selection
  6. Gallery
  7. Shutter Button
  8. Resolution Selection

Despite not having a specialised app, the navigation and connection is seamless and the interface is also very neat.

Like other action cams, you can use the app to remotely control and view the action camera live.

You can also customise the settings remotely. As all of the settings on the app are exactly the same as the settings on the camera, it makes it really easy to be select and adjust.

The only improvement I can ask for is for the capability for live streaming. But I think that the hardware in MiJia is not capable of that.

Overall? Well, I found the app really user-friendly and easy to use and is definitely one of the, if not the best I have used.

Battery & Charging

The battery has a capacity of 1450mAh which is larger than other actions cams (most are about 1100mAh), which results in it being able to shoot for a longer time.

Charging time – 103 Mins

Shooting time – 92 Mins of 4K 30fps, 119 Mins of 1080p 60fps.

Firmware Update

mijia 4k update firmware

You’ll need to update your camera as there were some bugs like frequent crashing in the earlier versions and the earliest versions did not have a English menu.

After updating, I couldn’t find any bugs or glitches after few days of use and I’d have to say it is very stable and didn’t crash or glitch out even once.

Latest Update:
1. Loop recording enable EIS function: only available for 1080P / 60fps and 1080P / 30fps;

2.  Optimize the dynamic display of the upper right corner icons in the preview interface;

3. Optimize underwater white balance;

There are as far as I know, 2 ways to update.

The first method, which I feel is less troublesome would be to use the MiHome smartphone app and directly update from there. Simply follow the instructions to download the update and it will do all the work for you.

The second method is to download the firmware update from the MiFi forum here and copy it to your storage card. You can easily follow the steps on that forum and that’ll require a computer to work.

Comparison With Other 4K Action Cams

MiJia 4K Vs Other 4K Action Cams

Best Buy:



Verdict: Great Value For Money 4K Mini Cam

I’m not sure whether I can call this an action cam because action cameras are usually made for durability and endurance and this camera does not seem to fit into that category.

Anyways, despite that, I feel it has very good for value money as it is able to shoot 4K recording, take ‘RAW’ images, and still include an amazing image stabilization all into this little device.

Furthermore, it is neatly categorised, have tons of customisations and an appealing and unique design. And because of this, I’m definitely using the Mijia action cam as my main camera for travelling and vlogging.

On the other hand, for improvements wise, I felt that they should have at least included a protective casing because without any sort of protection, the lens can get smudged quite easily and the aluminium body seems like it can also get scratched too.

At the end of the day, if you’re fine with having no accessories and am thinking of mounting it on your selfie stick or tripod, I’d definitely recommend this to you because it is for sure one of the best bang for your buck action cameras out there in the market!

That’s all for this review! If you any questions or thoughts about it, feel free to comment down below!

Lastly, I’d really like to thank Gearbest.com for providing this sample for MiJia 4K to review on and for allowing me to share my opinions with you guys!

MiJia 4K Mini Action Camera

139 USD

Video/Image Quality


Build Quality


User Experience


Bang For Your Money


Audio Quality


Touch Screen



  • Supports 'RAW' format
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent EIS
  • Responsive & Vibrant 2.4” Touch screen
  • Neat Interface
  • Great Video and Image Quality


  • No accessories provided
  • Does not come with any pouch for storage and protection
  • Not waterproof as waterproof housing not available yet
  • Manual in Chinese

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  1. Fantastic camera review!
    So in depth and it covers everything I needed to know before buying. You effectively incorporate pictures to show what you’re saying and provide hard evidence behind your review. I especially appreciate the simplified infographic that identifies the clear pros and cons for the MiJia 4k camera.

  2. Wow this is great. This review gives me a tonne of information so I can make a buying decision on the spot. I really liked the photo comparisons and didn’t realise the effect that “fish eye” could have. It’s really refreshing to see when the person doing the review actually owns the product in question.
    I really liked the Comparison With Other 4K Action Cams as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey! Great review on the MiJia 4k camera it gives me a comprehensive look at the product.

    I am looking for a handy little camera, that provides a bit more versatility for travel and vlogging type activities, as opposed to pure action.

    Looks like this may be a good suit! I don’t think durability should be too much issue if just used for casual purposes.


  4. Hi Fernglow
    Thanks for writing a full review on MiJia 4k camera,
    As I’m looking to get one action camera your review covers it all I need to know about this camera before I get it.
    I like how you share here the photo comparisons, it gives me more idea on what this camera can do.
    It’s quite interesting action camera in deed.

  5. Great breakdown of this camera. You really make great reviews!

    In your opinion, based on aperture and exposure. Which one its better the mijia 4k vs. Andoer AN7000?


    1. Hi Crishtian! Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

      Regarding your question, I can’t find the aperture information from AN7000 but overall I feel the lens for Mijia is better suited for low light shooting.

      As for exposure, I feel both is on par because their exposure values are both able to be changed to just about all the situations you can be in. (except for really low lights settings )

      Feel free to leave a reply if you have any other questions! 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I am a new user ir this câmera!

    And i’ve a doubt!

    When i make a vídeo in 4k, the image is nice, but when i change the resolution to 1080p(100fps) it becomes very dark. I try it yesterday at night with middle Light at the bedroom. Is it normal?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Nuno, it’s perfectly normal for 1080p 100fps to be darker because when the frame rate increases, there will be a lower amount of light entering the sensor so the video would be darker.

    1. yes, the fisheye correction will work with all resolutions!
      Also, if you are looking to buy the Mijia 4K, you can use my coupon code: GXBX01 on gearbest, which will be 90 USD in total.

  7. That was a very well written in-depth review Kai!

    Going through all the action cameras, i have only become even more confused so to speak. I have a sorted purpose of shooting videos of my motorcycle rides primarily at 1080p. With this in mind, i could finally zero down on two main contendors- Xiaomi Mijia vs Yi Lite.

    Image wise, Yi lite seems way better with its 16 MP camera but then Xiaomi Mijia has a more capable sensor. The main issue i have with Mijia is it’s narrow Field Of View(Can this be solved?) while shooting videos whiere Yi Lite seems to capture more content in it’s video.

    Overall, Super Confused!! Your inputs will be helpful!

    1. Hi Shiva, thanks for your comment.
      It’s true that the Mijia has a narrower field of view. There’s really no way to combat this because this is a lens issue but I feel that you really don’t have to because the 130˚ is enough for almost all situations including your motorcycle rides.
      As for the 16MP camera, it doesn’t really affect much unless you’re taking photos regularly.
      Overall, if you were to use it for mostly motorcycle riding, I’d actually recommend the Yi lite as it has better EIS (stabilization) and quality looks better overall.
      Mijia 4K – 90 USD with code: GXBX01
      Yi Lite: 90 USD on Geekbuying
      Hope this helps!

  8. Amzaing blogpost..!!!.I feel this review will help the buyers to take this camera in consideration. i was not knowing that it records 4k/30fps. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi cK,
      The file output format is .mp4 and the bitrate at 4K 30fps is about 100 MB/s
      You can check out the exact details over here.
      Hope this helps!

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