MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2 Review

MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2 Review

A few months back, I reviewed the Explorer Pro. I remembered it was a very good camera for its price and because of this, I am expecting the same if not better for the Explorer Pro 2.

The main key feature of the Explorer Pro 2 in my opinion would be the touch screen capability. Furthermore, it costs under $50, which is something never seen before at this price range.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


Content of Review:


CPU/Chipset: Pega S350: This is a new chipset that has only been used by this camera so far and not much specs have been known about it.

Sensor: 8MP Sony IMX179

Lens: 6G 170° “Shark-eye” HD Lens

Screen: 2.0″ Touch Screen

Video Resolution: 1080p native

Image Resolution: 8MP is native

Battery: PG1050 1050mAh

Memory: Supports Up to 64G TF Card (Class 10 or above)

What It Comes With

MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2 Review - Accessories

  • Explorer Pro 2 Action Camera
  • Waterproof Case,
  • Camera Bracket
  • Clip
  • USB Cable
  • Bicycle Stand
  • 2 x Helmet Base
  • Adaptor
  • User Manual

Although it isn’t as much as what other action cams offer, it will definitely suffice for the average users.

Camera Body & Functions

Main Screen

Explorer Pro 2 Main Screen

Orange: Buttons for touchscreen; Red: Status Indicator

Charging Indicator
MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2 Charging Light

Charging Indicator: Blinking Red – Charging; Sold Red – Fully Charged

Up/Down Button Dual Functionality

Explorer Pro 2 Review

Up button: Press to switch wifi on; Press and hold to zoom in

Down button: Press to toggle audio recording; Press and hold to zoom out


MGCOOL explorer pro 2 modes

From the manual book

There are 4 main modes video, photo, playback and settings. This can be easily changed by pressing the mode button or swiping the screen left or right (more on touchscreen below).

Quick Mode (Minor Bug)

Other than modes, there are quick modes, which can be accessed by tapping on the quick icon symbol.

The quick modes consists of multiple shooting modes which you can easily select with a tap:

  • Video
  • Timelapse video
  • Self-timer
  • Photo mode
  • Slow motion
  • Burst photo

MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2 quickmode

Something that I noticed is that in the manual, the middle tab of the bottom row shows self-timer while on the camera, it shows time-lapse.

The one on the camera is wrong, so when you tap on the time-lapse tab, it’ll just bring you to the self-timer mode.

However, if you wish to access photo time-lapse, you’ll have to go to Settings>Continous Lapse and select the duration, which will then bring you to the photo time-lapse mode

MGCCOOL Explorer Pro 2 settings

For the settings, as it is mostly the same as other action cams, I have chosen only the important few to highlight.

Video Resolution: Native resolution is 1080p 60fps

Slow Motion: 720p 120fps (slows by 4x)  / 1080p 60fps (slows by 2x). This is the resolution for slow motion mode, which automatically creates slowed down video for you.

Photo Resolution: 8MP is the native resolution

Self-timer: 3, 5, 10, 20s. It is used in self timer mode and is the duration of countdown before taking a picture, similar to a smartphone timer.

Timing Photo: 3, 5, 10, 15,  20, 30s. Captures a series of photos at set intervals, which can be used to create photo-timelapse.

Driving Mode: Very useful for dash camera. If camera is powered on and charged at the same time, it will automatically record. Once charging is stop, it will stop recording and turn off.

Unique Features

Touch screen

MGCOOL Explorer pro 2 touchscreen

One of the key selling points of this action cam would undoubtedly be the touch screen capability as rarely do action cams have this.

After playing around with it for some time, I found that the touch screen plays an integral role especially in the navigation of the camera. The reason is that some settings can’t be accessed (quick mode menu) if not for the touchscreen (buttons can’t access it).

As for performance wise, I’d have to say that it definitely performs better than my expectation. The feedback was good and there was barely any lag at all. However,  the only drawback of this I could see would be that it can’t be used with the waterproof case

Overall, I felt it was a nice addition to the camera as it allows for easy navigation through the different settings.

Touchscreen gestures:

The gestures are mostly intuitive for those who use a smartphone which is the majority of us. But just to make sure, I’ve listed down some useful ones.

MGCCOOL Explorer Pro 2 settings quick menu

Slide down to show menu. From there you can choose to switch off, lock or turn wifi on.
MGCCOOL Explorer Pro 2 settings touch screen modes

Swipe left/right to change mode (photo → video → playback)

Sharkeye lens

MGCOOL Explorer pro 2 sharkeye lens

With the acclaimed shark-eye lens that is also present in the Explorer Pro, MGCOOL claims to be able to help with light & distortion correction with that. (more on that below)

Explorer Pro 2 Sharked Lens Comparison

As you can see from the comparisons, the lens does seem a little more protruded than the rest. As for whether or not it performs better, will be shown below.

Smartphone app (Explorer Pro – Android/IOS)

explorer pro app

This app used is exactly the one used in the Explorer Pro (first version) and connects via Wi-Fi to your smartphone.


MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2 Wifi

To connect, all you have to do is press the up button on the camera and Wi-Fi name and password should appear.

Afterwards, go on your smartphone and select the wifi name, “Explorer Pro 2” and by default, the password should be 12345678 ( I have changed mine by adding a ‘9’) .

Interface & Navigation

explorer pro 2 app

As far as the app goes, there is nothing out of the ordinary. Like other apps, you can change some basic settings (can be changed in camera as well) and use your phone as a remote control.

However, although the connection and app is reliable and stable, a minor drawback is that when the pictures are downloaded to your phone, you can only access it via the app but not through your photo roll, which makes it hard to transfer the photos to your PC through your phone.

Image Quality

Photo Samples

MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2 Sample

Click For Full Size.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2 Sample

The Explorer Pro 2 can take up to 8MP natively.

Video Samples

For the quality, it was generally very sharp and the colours were decently saturated.

Overall, the quality of the video is for sure better than most action cams at this price point. The colours are vivid and image was generally sharp.

Does the proclaimed Sharkeye Lens improve the quality?

I decided to compare it with the SJ4000 to see which performs better in terms of the images captured.

Explorer Pro 2 VS SJ4000

As you can see from the samples, the Explorer Pro 2 performs better as the colours seem to be more saturated and sharper than the SJ4000.

Explorer Pro 2 VS SJ4000

However, in low light conditions or dark settings, the SJ4000 surprisingly performs better.

Hence, they both have their pros and cons.

Comparison with Explorer Pro

As the Explorer Pro 2 is very similar to the Explorer Pro, I have decided to do a side by side comparison to show you the differences.

So which is more worth?

Well, for now as I realised that the app for the Explorer Pro no longer works after the release of the Explorer Pro 2 (I have contacted them about this). Because of this, I’d definitely recommend you to go for the Explorer Pro 2 as with an extra $10, you are getting a touchscreen and some improvements overall.

Best buy




I initially honestly thought the idea of a touchscreen at this price range was absurd because I felt the quality of the camera would be compromised with the addition of the touch screen. However, after reviewing this, it really looks like it proved me wrong because the touchscreen made the navigation very natural and effortless. Because of this, I felt that MGCOOL had done a great job.

Hence, if you are looking for an action camera with a good touch screen at yet at the same time not costing you a bomb, I’d highly recommend you buy this. At the time of writing this review, I can’t find any other touch screen action cams even remotely close to this price point, and even if there is, I doubt there would be one that it’s this good.

As for the photo and build quality, I’ll say that it’s definitely better than most action cams at this price range but at the same time, don’t expect too much as it has limitations too.

At the end of the day, I feel this camera is unique mainly due to the touch screen. It also offers tremendous value for the price you are paying. Thus, if you are thinking of an action camera at this price range, I’m definitely recommending this!

That comes to the end for the review! What are your thoughts on the Explorer Pro 2? If you have any questions or doubts about it, be sure to leave a comment down below! I’ll definitely reply to you ASAP!

Lastly, thanks for dropping by and have a great day! 🙂

MGCOOL Explorer Pro 2


Video/Image Quality


Build Quality


User Experience


Bang For Your Money


Audio Quality


Touch Screen



  • Great value for money
  • Simple to use interface
  • Slow motion and timelapse all built in for convenience
  • Responsive touch screen


  • Touch screen doesn’t work with waterproof housing
  • No anti-shake
  • Not capable of real 4k

16 Responses

  1. Hello Fernglow,

    I am planning to take a vacation soon and was looking for a camera. I stumbled upon your website and it seems you have a lot covered with great reviews! I thought about using my iPhone camera instead, but the quality is terrible. I will take a look at your website again with my girlfriend, so we can consider which one to purchase.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Eric, thanks for dropping by!

      If you have need any suggestions or advice on which camera to choose, feel free to contact me again!

      For first timers looking for a good value action camera for vacation & travelling, I’d definitely recommend the new Mijia 4K (110 USD) because it has everything that you’ll need and a very neatly categorised interface too!

      However, if you have a stricter budget, feel free to check out my top action cameras below 100 here!

    2. Video/Image Quality


      Build Quality


      User Experience


      Bang For Your Money


      Audio Quality


      Touch Screen


      The app most certainly does work with the Explorer Pro. Not sure why you say it doesn’t.

  2. Wow as soon as I look at these cameras, I notice how cool and original they look. The fact they are touchscreen as you mentioned definitely makes it important and good. There size makes them portable and helpful. I love the fact you have shown the picture quality as well which I can say has suprised me. It is actually good!

    1. Hi! Will do by tomorrow. Any particular type of samples that you are looking for?
      I will update you the link once I have updated it!

  3. I have been looking for an inexpensive camera for my bike. I do a lot of mountain biking. I like fact that this comes with the accessories to mount to bike handle bars and also to a bike helmet. This seems like a really good value for the price. Compared to the other brands out there, I think this is great. The still pictures look great as well. Do you know what kind of warranty this comes with? This would also be a great Christmas present for my daughter who love to make all kinds of videos. Thanks for sharing your review, it’s very thorough.

    1. Hi! It comes with a 1 year warranty.

      Glad you found this helpful and it would definitely fit your daughter’s needs too! 

  4. Video/Image Quality


    Build Quality


    User Experience


    Bang For Your Money


    Audio Quality


    Touch Screen


    Nice and very informative review. As you are doing most of the action camera reviews, so I need expert comments from you, is this “mgcool-explorer-pro-2” VFM (Value for Money) cam? and can you please provide a video sample for the same in light and dark condition!

    1. Hi Sourav. Thanks for dropping a comment.
      I feel the MGCool explorer pro is definitely value for money if you are looking for an action camera of the price range of below $50, because like I said, it has a good touchscreen for easy navigation, the photo and video quality is pretty decent and the only issue that I can think can bother some people is the lack of image stabilisation on this action cam, which should be there but isn’t.

      Some other examples of good VFM action cams that I can think of would be Eken H9R, Mijia 4K, Yi Lite, which are all under $100.

      Oh and I will provide a video sample that you requested soon, once I reach home.

      Meanwhile, if you have any other questions, feel free to reply!

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. Hi Kai, you are very good in cameras selection and know their positive and negative points so I just wanted to ask you that which is a better camera in overall (ele explorer 4K, Eken h9r or mg cool explorer pro 2).

    1. Hi Siddh, sorry for the wait.

      Anyways, I will try my best to tell you which is best, although it’s honestly quite difficult because each has their strength and weaknesses.

      First of all, all of them are unable to record true 4K because their chipset does not support it.

      For image quality, I’d think explorer pro is the best because it has a larger image sensor (8MP) than the other 2 (4MP).

      However, at the same time, the explorer pro 2 does not come with as many accessories as the other 2. Eken H9R also comes with a remote too.

      As for the general interface, all 3 of them are pretty much on par.

      Comparing the smartphone app, the Explorer Pro 2 wins hands down, It is more reliable than the other 2 because the app is specialised for this camera only, whereas the Ele explorer and Eken H9R use a general app, shared with other action cams, thus it’s not that reliable and fast.

      Therefore, overall, if you were to ask me, I’d recommend the Explorer Pro 2, which has a touchscreen, a reliable smartphone app and all the basic accessories that you’ll need, although lacking the accessories that the other 2 has to offer.

      Hope this helps and if you have any more questions, feel free to reply.

      Lastly, thanks for your feedback and really appreciate it! 🙂

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