elecam 360 camera review

MGCool Elecam 360 Review – Good Entry Level 360˚ Camera

Today, we are going to review a very affordable but still decent 360˚ action camera.

There are actually 2 types of 360˚ cameras that I have seen so far, single and dual lens. This camera as you can see has 2 lens, one at the front and the back thus it is considered to be a dual lens 360˚ camera. The dual lens camera requires stitching (mentioned below) while the single lens one does not.

Background on 360˚

Recently, if you have not already realised, virtual reality and 360˚ cameras became very popular as more and more products are released consumer friendly such as the google cardboard, VR headsets, 360˚ cameras, etc. Hence, with the increasing number of products, more and more people are able to afford and thus buy them.

If you wish to know more about 360˚, such as how to create a 360˚ video or various 360˚ cameras, check out my article on it here.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the actual review itself!

Elecam 360 Review

Product Specifications:

elecam 360 camera review

Image Sensor:

4 MP Omnivision OV4689 Sensor x 2 (Similar to MgCool Explorer, SJCAM M10+, Eken H9R)


iCatch SPCA6350M


Picture – 3008 x 1504 (2:1) – Equivalent to 4MP normal photo

Video – 1920 x 960 (2:1) – Equivalent to between 480p and 720p normal video

Field of View:

220˚ x 2 lens, pretty standard lens for 360˚ camera


Anti-Shake Image Stabilization

Output:explorer 360 card slot and micro-usb

Micro- USB


TF/MicroSD Card – 8GB to 32 GB

On the website it said TF card, but it is exactly the same as Micro-SD card so nothing to worry about.



Able to last for an hour filming 960p – 30fps


Not waterproof (0m) unless you are using waterproof casing (30m)

What It Comes WithElecam 360 Accessories

  • EleCam 360
  • USB cable
  • Bicycle mount
  • Universal mount
  • Screw mount
  • M3 sticker
  • Manual
  • Reset Key

All of the mounts that comes with the Elecam 360 are actually mounted together with the screw mount on the bottom unlike traditional cameras that mount on the waterproof housing through the bolt like screw.

There is also a reset key which looks like the one that comes with iPhone too. This should be used to press the reset button in the event that the camera hangs or crashes.

The accessories that comes with together with it is way lesser than the basic set, which comes together with most cameras like SJ4000 and Eken H9 but I despite this, it is definitely enough for normal mounting.

elecam 360 bottom view screw mount Another thing good about the screw mount at the bottom is that you can easily mount it to a monopod or a tripod, similar to the ThiEYE T5, without any other mounts.

Also, something to note here is that it is not waterproof as it does not come with a waterproof housing, which has to be purchased separately.

Built-In Display and Settings

Built-In Screen

elecam 360 top view built in screen displayThere is a screen at the top of the camera to indicate some basic functions like the duration left, the time and date, the battery life.


As for the settings, there are several basic customisations you can change, such as the date and time, factory reset, language, format, card and camera information.

Picture and Video Quality

Next up, we are going to look at the quality for both image and video.

Video Quality (1920 x 960p)

For the video quality, although it is 1920 x 960p (2:1) resolution, the quality isn’t very good as this resolution consists of the whole 360˚ view, hence, the pixels aren’t going to be as dense.  This actually compares to between 480p to 720p resolution on normal videos, like the ones you see on Youtube.

Having said that, I realised when exposed to low light situations, it actually performs really well compared to other cameras that I have tested.

Pic Quality (3008 x 1504p)

For the picture quality, I felt it is the same as the video quality, something that is not a ‘WOW’ but is decent enough to know what is actually happening with reasonable clarity to it. I felt that it has an equivalent resolution of about 4MP too.

I also realised that the colour on it is pretty vibrant despite the lack of detail to it, which is a huge plus if you’re going to a sunflower garden or somewhere similar. 🙂

Sample Footage (Not mine)

I did not manage to export sample footages so this is a sample by Mark Hiscutt.


Smartphone App

stitching editing elecam 360 videos using symax360Like many other apps out in the market, it connects to the camera via Wi-Fi through your smartphone and is available for both IOS and Android.

Generally, the app was pretty stable and connection was very smooth compared to some other devices like the Smooth-Q, which I remembered had some connection issues to it.

Viewing Modes

There are actually 4 viewing modes, flat panorama mode, circle modeinverted mode and 3D, for VR.

elecam 360 different viewing modes in syvr360 app

There are also couple of other settings like white balance, exposure, etc which you can customise,nothing really special here.

Overall, I found the app quite simple to use and understand.

PC/Mac Appelecam 360 video converter walkthrough

This was where I found problems and was a little disappointed with. The Elecam 360 Video Converter wasn’t up to my standard as there were a lot of problems to it.

You might expect to take the photo or video, export it to your phone, and bam it is ready to upload. But sadly, it does not work like that with the Elecam 360.

The Elecam 360 actually outputs the video in a dual spherical view, similar to the Samsung Gear 360, hence the video has to be edited or stitched in order for it to be viewed like other 360˚ videos you see out there, where you can look around to see the whole video.

But there is a solution to it for free. I actually used the Symax 360 Video app that was able of reading and stitching the Elecam 360 videos. I am not going to dwell on it here as I have written a more in-depth tutorial on it here.

If you currently own a elecam 360, you should definitely check the above tutorial out.

Cheapest Places To Buy:

** There are multiple sources because there might be promotions and prices for these websites may be different from date of posting so please check through all of them before purchasing. **



I found the camera really compact and portable and very easy to carry and bring around. It also makes mounting very easy as it isn’t that bulky.

Not to mention it also feels quite sturdy and robust and reliable. The clicks were very solid and I feel it is not something that would break from falling easily.

Also, the accessories that was provided felt durable and hard, unlike some of the plastic ones some companies use.

Video and Image Quality:

For the quality, I feel its really worth for something of this price range. Although the quality isn’t very good, due to the wide field of view, it is something that is good if you are just starting out on 360˚ videos as it is clear enough to share with your friends and families but if you are thinking of using this professionally, you’d probably want to shut down your firm. 😛

App (Smartphone and PC)

For the phone app, I used IOS and the everything turned out really good, the app was very responsive, easy to use, connection was very seamless and generally great.

However, on the other side, the PC app had problems because the stitching wasn’t that great and I had to rely on another app (Symax360) to do the stitching and adding metadata, which are all explained in my tutorial here.


Now time for the honest truth. Let me make myself clear first, for this price point, it is already very good that it is offering so much but as you know, there may also be compromises along the way.elecam reset button

There are users who reported of it freezing or hanging, which if you have faced that problem, use the reset pin and press on reset button below the shutter button.

However, surprisingly, during the 1 – 2 hours of testing with the camera, I did not face the problem! Probably just me being lucky. 🙂

Another thing is that I’d not consider elecam 360 waterproof caseit as an action camera because it is not waterproof, hence even a little dip into a basin of water may pose risk to it. However, it is only waterproof if you decide to buy the waterproof case, about $20 which isn’t cheap, so you might want to consider what you are using this for before your decide to purchase.

Lastly, I think that there should be a complementary casing to it because I feel that the lens get blurred with fingerprints very easily because the lens is on both side


Generally, I feel that this is one of the best 360 degree camera at this price range of about 100 and it is definitely good for someone who is just starting out and wanting to film 360 videos recreationally.

It is definitely something that I would not want to use professionally or in a once in a lifetime kind of event because I cannot risk it suddenly crashing and ruining my footage. Instead, I’d use it like in a party kind of a setting, going sight-seeing and travelling, scenarios where it is more relaxed.

This concludes my Elecam 360 camera review. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something. With that said, have a nice day! 🙂

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**Disclaimer: I do not own the camera and has been kindly borrowed from a friend who owns a shop. Hence, not everything here is 100% accurate but I have listed everything I have experienced and realised during that 1-2 hours of testing.  **

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to the 360 degrees camera. Because of how popular VR headsets and other technologies have become, 360 degrees cameras have also become more and more popular.
    The electronic stores in my neighborhood have a limited selection of 360 degrees cameras.
    Is there any other brand that you will recommend?

    1. Totally agree with you Micheal! 

      At the end of the day, it will depend on your budget. For cheap yet decent valued 360 cameras, I’d recommend sjcam like sj360 (99 USD), mgcool (this), samsung, lg is pretty good. Feel free to check more about them here!

      Anyways, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! 🙂

  2. thanks for the detailed review! I am just learning about 360 cameras and am interested in an inexpensive, but quality, camera for my bike rides. I am not sure this will work due to the mounting, but I may give it a try. Do you think it will work well on a bicycle?

  3. Thank you for so precise review about this 360 degree camera. I always was wondering about getting a camera like GoPro but it seems to be a little bit overpriced if I am not working professional with it. After reading this post I am considering to buy one, maybe there are some with little bit better quality but not much more expensive than this one?

    1. There are actually tons of camera that is cheaper than gopro yet still not fall far behind it. One such camera is Yi 4K camera (190 USD) or if you want a cheaper option you can go for the 

      Conversely, if you are talking about 360 cameras, currently, there aren’t much 360 cameras that offer a tremendous value as most 360 cameras that are good in quality are expensive over 300 USD but if you want some recommendations to film 360 VR footages, I’d really go for the 360fly which cost about 160 USD.

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