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Insta360 One X -New Flagship 5.7K 360˚ Action Cam

Not long ago, I did a review on the Insta360 One and it definitely surprised me at the quality of the shots and at the same time how cool you can warp your shots to leave your friends wondering how you even got that shot.

Fast forward a year. Insta360 is back with its newest 360 action camera, the Insta360 One X, which looks very promising.

5.7K Video Resolution, Unreal Video Image Stabilization and Cinematic Slow Mo

Insta360 today launched the ONE X, a 5.7K camera that uses 360° capture, groundbreaking stabilization and cinematic slow-mo to radically expand what’s possible with a camera.

A New Generation of Camera

insta360 one x bungee jump

The ONE X is more than just a 360-degree shooter.

It’s a new kind of camera that uses 360˚ to give users more freedom and more creative possibilities – both during and after capture.

Combining an unlimited field of view with gimbal-level stabilization and new high-FPS shooting modes, the ONE X unlocks the ability to manipulate time and perspective in ways that make it feel more like a fleet of cameras than a single device.

Looking Sharp

insta360 one x travel group shot

Especially when you’re shooting in 360˚ and making it all look good, it’s imperative that you’ll have a seriously high resolution.
That’s why the ONE X records at a best-in-class 5.7K (30 FPS).

For dynamic scenes, new 50 FPS (4K) and 100 FPS (3K) shooting modes keep action flowing smooth and lets you slow the action down to highlight key moments.

Moreover, super high resolution 18 MP photos show vivid detail, while large pixels offer superior image quality and low-light performance.

Like a gimbal. Without the gimbal.

The ONE X uses the newest and most groundbreaking FlowState stabilization algorithm ever created, analyzing movement in all directions to achieve a level of stabilization never before possible.

FlowState also lets users capture impossibly smooth video with no accessories needed. Mount the ONE X anywhere – from a helmet to a selfie stick to a kayak – and footage comes out looking like it’s been professionally stabilized.

Shoot first, point later.  Never have to worry about your framing.

insta360 one x mountain bike

The magic of 360 is that it lets you choose the best way to frame an experience after it’s over – there’s no need to point your camera, and you’ll never miss a shot.

Using the ONE X’s simple editing app, users can easily reframe and re-edit the best parts of a scene, creating cinematic clips that would never be possible with a traditional camera.

Own the moment.

The ONE X’s new TimeShift feature lets you adjust the speed of different parts of a clip on a whim.

Here, you can highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up to suit the rhythm of the scene – the app always keeps playback smooth.

Combine TimeShift with the freedom to frame the shot in any direction, and the possibilities are endless.

A drone without the noise.

Using the ONE X app, users can automatically remove a selfie stick from their scenes, leaving the ONE X apparently suspended in mid-air.

The result is the ability to shoot aerial angles without a drone.

Pairing the ONE X with Insta360’s customized 10-foot (!) selfie stick leads to stunning possibilities.

Bullet Time. In 3K.

The Insta360 ONE introduced the unique Bullet Time shot, an orbiting perspective that puts a user at the center of an epic slow-mo shot.

The ONE X takes this concept to the next level with a wider field of view and a sharper 3K resolution.

Throw them for a loop.

insta360 one x

The ONE X is made to throw around. Seriously.

Creators can snap it into the new Insta360 Drifter camera dart, and send it soaring.

The resulting Drift Shots — airborne slow-mo shots enhanced by the full freedom of 360 — unlock impossible angles and create a mind-blowing effect.

High-speed WiFi for preview and transfer

You will also able to connect to the ONE X via WiFi, letting them conveniently preview and control their shots.

one x connection cable

But unlike the One, you’ll have to use an external cable to transfer to your phone rather than the quick lightning connector port.

When you’re ready to transfer footage back to their phone for editing and sharing, you can quickly send it back over WiFi or connect directly with a data transfer cable (Lightning, USB Type-C and Micro-USB cables comes with the ONE X).

Stay powered.

dual battery dock insta360 one x

The ONE X has a removable 1200 mAh battery, ensuring that creators will stay powered up even when they’re far afield.

Customize your clip.

one x editing

Users can manually tweak image settings — including ISO, exposure value, white balance and shutter speed — to dial in the perfect shot.

The ONE X is also ready for HDR photos, timelapses, hyperlapses, interval shooting and timed shots.

Ready for the elements.

insta360 one x venture and dive case

Two rugged case options for the ONE X mean it’s ready to go anywhere.

insat360 one x venture case

The Venture Case is a tough shell designed for above-water shooting, which offers splash protection and waterproofing to 5 meters.

insta360 one x diving case 30m waterproof

The Dive Case is built to breach the depths. Specialized dome lenses allow for underwater 360 shooting — with a clean stitch – down to 30 meters.

Track your trek

insta360 one x GPS Smart Remote

An optional Bluetooth remote lets users control the ONE X, while automatically recording GPS data for video and photos.

This data can be used to easily upload video and photos to Google Maps Street View, and to add a customizable journey-tracking dashboard to video clips – overlaying speed, direction, elevation, location and route info.


Oh and if you’re wondering, it’s available now.

The Insta360 ONE X is priced at $399.95 USD and available now at

Although it has quite a majorly upgraded specs and new accessories over the One, the hefty price tag may scare some away. But as far as I can see? Well, if you’re comparing with other 360 cams of similar spec and features, it’s well worth the buck.

Final Words

A lot of the features found on the One X also can be found on the One.

The main differences with the One, as far as I can see, is mainly the improved specs and the additional accessories.

I’ll try to get my hands on it as soon as possible to share my opinions with you but meanwhile, if you’re interested in the Insta360 One, feel free to take a look at my review here!

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