This is my first giveaway and it will be the Insta360 ONE which I will post a review on soon!

Special thanks to Gearbest who have supported the giveaway!

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Insta360 ONE Giveaway

All you have to do in the giveaway is to share the Insta360 ONE promo page through your different social media and/or leave a comment down under article and you will be able to stand a chance to win in the draw!

Enter the draw here!

INSTA360 ONE Giveaway

Important Note: Please complete the task before you select the enter button as otherwise there will be a chance that you may be disqualified!

I will randomly pick a winner and giveaway results will be announced on the 14th Dec 00:00 GMT +8 on my Facebook page and this blog. So follow and like my Facebook page for constant post update!

Winner will be contacted via email provided.

Lastly, I would like to thank GearBest for sponsoring the INSTA360 ONE for the giveaway!

All the best for those who have entered the sweepstakes!

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8 Responses

  1. What a great giveaway! The Insta360 ONE looks like a fun camera and I’m really looking forward to reading your review of it, Kai. Hopefully that’s coming soon. I’ll be sure to check back for it.

    I’d use it to take action shots of my dog jumping and fetching her pool toys. Good luck to everyone else who entered!

  2. I like giveaways, but what does the device that you’re giving away do? I like the promotional aspect of your website, using giveaways and all, smart. What other gadgets do they carry? When will you write the review? I’m curious on what you used it for and how often you think you might use it.

    1. Hi Ashley, the device I’m giving away is the insta360 one and it is a 360 panoramic camera. I’m currently doing a review on that, which should be out probably next week! Anyways, thanks for supporting and leaving a comment !

  3. Oh I’d love to win one of those. I love tech gadgets, but I never have the extra money to spend on them. I’ll definitely signup for a chance to win this.

    What are some of the applications for this product? By the look of things, it takes 360 pictures just by attaching to your phone?

    Does Gearbest offer giveaways like this often? Or is this an exclusive offer through this site?

    Thanks a lot

    1. You can either attach it to your phone and take or record 360 videos right the camera itself by pressing the button.

      Gearbest do host giveaways to promote their product and they are actually the ones supporting this giveaway, and they do it quite often to widen their social reach. Thus, it’s not an exclusive offer through my site as they contact other sites with similar niche to do it as well! 

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