Today, we’ll be reviewing an action camera that does not cost much but comes with tons of accessories, even a car adapter and suction mount to use as a dash camera.

It is from a brand called iMars, which isn’t a very established brand in the action camera industry but they make a lot of products related to electronics such as GPS trackers, selfie stick, in car charger, gps tracker, etc. Feel free to take a look at their products here.

As I wanted to take a break from reviewing popular action cam brands such as SJCAM, Eken and Yi, which everybody is hyped about, I want to show you guys what you can get from a budget action cam from a not very established brand.

So what can we expect from the iMars H9+?

Let’s find out!


Product Specs:

Colours: Black & Silver

Chipset: Sunplus 6350

Image Sensor: GC4603 4MP

Display: 2 Inch Screen

Waterproof: Up to 30 meters with case

Video: 1080p@60fps – Native resolution

Photo: 4MP – Native Resolution

Field of View: 170˚

Battery: PG1050 – 1050mAh (1080p 30 1.5 hours,4K 25/2.7K 30/1080p 60 1 hour)

Storage: Micro SD Card(not included),Maximum support 64G

Weight: 64g (Battery Included)

What It Comes With

imars h9+ mounts/accessories

1 X Car Adapter1 X Remote Control
1 X Clip1 X Handle Bar
1 X Helmet Mounts1 X Bandage
1 X Battery1 X Lens Cover
1 X Tethers1 X Metal Tether
1 X Protector Backdoor1 X USB Cable
1 X Waterproof Housing7 X Mount

One of the main pros of this action cam is that it comes with tons of accessories, extra batteries for remote, all sorts of mount, and also comes with a car adapter, suction mount, essentially, everything you’ll need to mount anywhere you wish.

From the accessories alone, I can say for sure that it’s ideal for dash camera users because they provided the different car accessories and included some of the features that a dash cam would use (mentioned below).

Dash Cam Accessories

imars h9+ mounting on car
What You’ll Need

imars h9+ accessories

Take out the camera from the waterproof case and fit it with the clip so that you can continue to charge the camera on the go.

As far as the quality goes, everything was smooth and screws in effortlessly except for the clip, where it requires a little nudge to fit the camera.


iMars H9+ interface butttons ports


modes imars h9+


settings imars h9+

The software interface is exactly the same as the Eken H9/R cameras.

Video Resolution: 1080p 60fps is the native resolution.

Looping Video: Will create videos in interval of 10 mins and once storage is full, it will overwrite the oldest video

Time Stamp: Off/ Date/ Date and Time. Displays timestamp at the bottom right of the image.

Exposure: ±2.0/±1.7/±1.3/±1.0/±0.7/±0.3/0

Photo Resolution: 12 MP, 8MP, 5MP, 4MP, 2MP; 4MP is native resolution.

Burst photo: Only option is 3 photos at one time

Time Lapse: 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 60s. This is the set interval which the camera will take photos. More on it below.

Continuous Lapse: Yes/No. If you want to continuously take photos to create time-lapse, select yes.

Power Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz. As different areas of the world use different frequencies lighting, the camera has to adapt to the lighting in order to avoid shutter flickering.

Language: English, Traditional Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Korean & Thai.

Date & Time: Set the time that will be printed on time-stamp. Automatically syncs with phone once connected to app.

Sound Indicator: Shutter (On/Off), Start-up (On/Off), Beep (On/Off), Volume (0-3)

Upside Down: Flip the whole image upside down. It’s useful if you are mounting is upside down such as for dash cameras in cars.

Screen Saver:  1 min, 3 min or 5 min. Switches display off but not the camera save power and only works when recording.

Power Saver: 1 min, 3 min or 5 min. When idle (not recording), the cam will automatically switch off in that set duration.

Format: Format your Micro-SD card to match the camera. Note that it will wipe out all data in memory card.

Reset: Reset settings only to factory settings. Footages are left untouched.

Version: Displays model name & camera firmware.

Unique Features

Auto Record

imars h9+ auto record

Something I also noticed was that it automatically starts to record whenever the camera turns on. This feature is useful to have especially if you use it as a dash cam.

However, for most parts, if you use the camera for other purposes such as vlogging or day to day, general purpose use, it can be quite inconvenient as the feature can’t be disabled. Hence, whenever you switch it on, you’d have to stop the automatic recording manually.


imars h9+ timelapse

The iMars H9+ also is capable of capturing photos for time-lapse but additional editing is still required to convert it into an actual time-lapse video.

The time-lapse that the iMars H9+ creates is a photo time-lapse, which simply means it takes photos at a regular time interval. Afterwards, you’ll still need to stitch and convert to a video.

Hence, I wouldn’t treat this as an actual time-lapse feature as you’ll still need to edit it afterwards, but it can definitely create time-lapse videos.

Feel free to look at some of the samples below in the sample section below.

If you want to know more about time-lapse, check out my guide on creating time-lapse here!

Smartphone App (Ez iCam)ez-icam guide

The app used is called Ez-iCam, which is available on IOS and Android. Other than H9+, it is used by a wide range of action cams, such as Eken action cams, H9/H9R/H9S.

Connecting to iMars H9+ review ez-icam

To connect, press the down button on the H9+ to enable Wi-Fi.

Afterwards, head over to the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone and connect to it.

If you are using IOS, and have updated it to IOS 10, you’d notice that there wouldn’t be any WiFi symbol even when you are connected because the update hides the symbol when the Wi-Fi does not have internet connection, which is true in this case.

App interface:

1: Gallery: Displays only photos already downloaded onto your device

2: Brings you to your WiFi settings

ez icam app interface iMars H9+ review

Once you press connect, you will be brought to the main screen.

1: Return to connection page

2: Picture (12, 8, 5, 4 MP) / Video Resolution (1080p 60fps, 1080p 30fps)

3: White Balance* : Auto/Sunny/Cloudy/Fluorescent Lamp/Incandescent Lamp

4: Zoom: You can zoom in and out by pinching inwards/outwards the screen but there’s no point doing it as it’s a digital zoom.

5: Settings: Power Frequency (50Hz, 60Hz, Auto), Upside Down (On/Off)

6: Gallery**: Displays only photos and videos taken and stored in the camera.

7: Shutter Button

8: Selected Mode

*For the white balance, it’s worth to note that only the app allows customisations but the camera settings does not.

**There are 2 gallery, the first at the connection page shows media downloaded onto your device whereas the one after you connect shows the photos stored in your action cam.


ez iCam app news

This tab show news from ez-icam which is related to action gadgets, such as drones, 360˚ cameras, action cameras and more.

Video Editing:

ez iCam app edit eken h9 h9r imars h9+

If you just want basic trimming and add background music to your video, this would be a good shortcut you can do on your phone.

The background music option uses music from your library.

You can use this to edit any video on your photos roll, not only the ones taken from your action cam.

After you’re done, tap on the save button on the top right to save the final video to your photo roll.

Overall, the connection is pretty reliable and I find the app easy to use though very rarely, the app would crash randomly.

Remote Control:

imars h9+ remote control

Another cool thing about this you won’t expect from a cam at this price point is that it comes with a remote too.
It connects wirelessly using 2.4G radio frequency similar to remote control cars (RC cars) and quadcopter.

Furthermore, it also comes with a wrist strap which you can put on, to increase the convenience of accessing and prevent losing it.

It uses a CR2032 battery and no, you don’t have to worry about it running out because iMars was generous enough to provide 2 more remote batteries, which would probably last you till action cams go extinct… (not really, but yeah, you get the point, they’ll last super long :P)


No pairing is required. All you’d have to do is switch the camera on and they should connect and work automatically.

I was surprised when it could seamlessly work from one end of my house to another. (10m)

Even when I tried it in more practical scenarios, in malls and parks, where there is noise and interference everywhere, the range is still about 8m.


imars h9+ remote control

There are 2 buttons which you can press to either take photos or record videos. The camera will automatically change the mode it is in if the button of a different mode was pressed.

For example if you were to press the photo button when the camera is in video mode, it will automatically change to photo mode and take a photo.

You can also press and hold the photo button if you decide to switch off your camera remotely.

Overall, I am satisfied with the remote control as the connection is very stable and easy to use. The addition of the remote control makes it way easier to wirelessly control the camera when you are vlogging using a monopod or mounting in tight corners.

Image Quality

Video Quality


For the video quality, the camera has fake 4k and 2.7k, which is made by interpolation or upscaling (stretching) 1080p, so there’s really no point using and just a waste of storage space.

Having said that, it films pretty clear videos in 1080p but I found the colours to be a little unsaturated and dull.

Photo Quality

iMars h9+ sample photo

Click on picture to see full size photo.

The H9+ takes 4MP photos which is clear enough to see what’s going on but it’s not very clear on the specific details.

It also does not have anti-shake image stabilization which can mean that photos taken during travelling or moving can be blurry.

Comparison With MgCool Explorer Pro:

I have decided to compare with another camera of a similar price point and as you can see the quality falls behind by a little especially in the colours.

Side by Side Comparison With Similar Action Cams

iMars H9+ Vs MGCOOL Explorer Pro (Similar Price Range)

iMars H9+ Vs iMars H9 (Similar Manufacturer)

Best Buy

Banggood –  36.8 USD (Code: c7b421 )

Final Verdict : Best Cheap Dash Cam

I feel it’s well worth your money because it provides such a wide range of accessories and the image quality isn’t anyway behind compared to other cameras in this price range.

That said, if you are looking for a dashcam for your car, this would be your best bet as it is the best cheap dash cam you can get. It has all the accessories that you need, such as the car adapter and suction mount, all already included with the package and it has no problem whatsoever filming in bright light, dim settings or hot or cool places.

Having said that, if you are looking for a camera at about the same price point, that has better image quality, but not the wide variety of accessories that the H9+ offers, some of the other cameras you might want to consider would be either the MgCool Explorer Pro or the Eken H9/R.

That comes to the end of my review.

So what are your thoughts on the iMars H9+? Do you like it? Do you have any questions about it? Leave a comment down below!

Lastly, thanks for dropping by and have a great day! 🙂

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iMars H9+

37 USD

Video/Image Quality


Build Quality


User Experience


Bang For Your Money


Audio Quality



  • Good To Start For Beginners
  • Reliable & Intuitive App
  • Quick startup time
  • Reliable Remote Control
  • Tons of accessories
  • Great Value For Money


  • Lacks bright image colours
  • Lack of image stabilization
  • Auto record when switched on can't be disabled
  • Fake 4K & 2.7K

9 Responses

  1. I really like the ten-minute loop thing. I’ve wanted one for years for fishing in case I get the big one. How many cameras would you say are on the market that have the loop for under $100 and which one has the best most reliable and easy to manage 10-minute loop?

    1. There are tons of cameras that have this loop recording feature. I can’t say the approximate number because I don’t know but I feel as a guideline, over 80% of the action cameras have this feature as action cameras are meant to be multi-purpose and versatile and can be used in the multiple scenarios

  2. The action cam is well worth it for this price, but as an old user of a similar action cam (it’s the same but with another brand) i can say the batterie is the weakness.

    But when you put $40 on this action cam, i guess you can forget about his weakness. Otherwise if you compare with a cam like Go Pro, well iMars H9+ is the one to buy to record your action sport or family week end at the beach or mountain.

    1. Yes totally agree with you! You can’t compare it to a GoPro which costs like 10x more! Also, I also have to agree that action cams flatten out pretty quickly too. That’s why it’s always useful to have a couple of batteries with you in case it suddenly runs out!

  3. What an amazing page for people, like myself who have heard the term ‘Dash Cam’ but didn’t really know a lot about them,

    I have been thinking of getting one for a while now, and reviews such as this really help with my decision making.

    Am I right I thinking if a vehicle fitted with dash cam can lower your insurance premiums?

    Many thanks for sharing this information with us, iv found it to be very useful indeed

    1. Hi, Jamie! It really depends on the country you are living in, for example in the UK, it is true that you can insurance discounts when fitted with a dash cam! 

      Glad you found this useful and if you have any other questions, feel free to comment down below!

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