Great Value for Money – Gitup Git2 Review and Guide

This is my first review on the Gitup brand and I have to say I am quite impressed with the camera and the company.

To start off this review, I’d have to say that it is 2K camera (and a good one!) and not a 4K camera. If you are interested in looking for real 4K action cameras, check out my reviews on them here!

To introduce a little more about Git2, and you should already have guessed this from the name, it is a successor of another camera which is Git1. I have never interacted with that camera before but from the reviews on the internet, I feel it is also another good product.

Having said that, let’s move on to the actual review!

Product Specs


950mAh Battery (Same size as SJCAM 900mAh battery)

Highest Native Resolution:

  • 2880×2160 @ 24fps (4:3)
  • 2560×1440 @ 30fps (16:9)
  • 1920*1440 @ 30fps (4:3)
  • 1920×1080 @ 60fps (16:9)


30m with waterproof housing

Image Sensor:

Sony Exmor IMX206 16MP (Same as SJCAM m20+ and Yi)


Novatek 96660 chip ( Same as SJ4000+)

Screen Size:

1.5″ LCD

Field Of View:



Up to 64 GB


Video and Photo

Connectivity and Ports:


Micro-USB and HDMI

What It Comes With:

There are actually 2 type of packages they offer, standard and pro.

Standard Package

  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Lens Cover
  • USB Cable
  • Manual

The standard package is only the bare minimum and there are no mounts, waterproof case whatsoever. All you get would be the camera and the cable and that’s about it.

Pro Package (About $10 more than Standard Package)Git 2 Review- pro package accessories

  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Lens Cover
  • Waterproof Case
  • Frame Holder
  • Bike HandleBar Mount
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Curve Adhesive Mount
  • Flat Adhesive Mount
  • 2 x Screw (Long & Short)
  • 2 x Connector (Long & Short)
  • Tripod Mount
  • Adapter (Cold Shoe Mount)
  • Quick Start Guide

This package on the other hand, include all the various mounts that come with other action cameras like SJCAM, Eken, etc. If you were to ask me, I’d definitely recommend the pro package as compared to the standard simply because in my opinion, it is very worth as these original accessories are usually very good in terms of both quality and reliability comparing to 3rd party ones.

Furthermore, these accessories are also compatible with many other camera brands such as GoPro, SJCAM, ThiEYE, Yi, etc and hence in the future, if you plan on getting another camera, these accessories can still be kept and used on your other cameras.

Hence, if you are thinking between the 2, I’d highly recommend going for the pro package.

Additional Accessories

They actually do offer another package that includes the external mic and remote control watch which costs $30 more than the pro package. (160 USD on

External Microphone

If you really value the output of the sound quality, you should definitely get it. This will improve the audio quality and the sound will be less muffled as it does not record the shake or movement of the camera (handling sound).

Since we are talking about sound and audio, there are actually 3 levels of sound volume that the camera (built-in mic) can record in to suit your needs at that particular time. For example, when you are in a concert or riding a bike, you can set the volume down to ‘low’. However, if you are filming in a library or having an interview in a quiet environment, you might want to set the volume to ‘high’ to record more clearly .

Anyways, below is a comparison done by TechTronic9000 if you wanted to listen to the difference between the internal audio and the external audio.


Wrist Remote

This RC watch is good when you mount your camera to places out of reach such as your helmet or selfie stick and want to still be able to control it easily. It connects using radio frequency (similar to RC cars, drones, etc) and is 3m splash-proof. Thus it can safely handle the rigours of rain, shower, etc but I do not recommend to bring it underwater.

It has a few buttons Wi-Fi, video, photo and switch off. This interface is quite intuitive and should be fairly easy to use. With the watch, you can easily start or stop recording, take pictures, turn Wi-Fi on and off (quite redundant in my opinion) and turn the camera off. Note that there is no button to turn the camera on too.

Below are the steps for pairing the camera with the watch:

  1. Turn on your camera, go to system settings by pressing power button.
  2. Inside system settings find ‘RF Pairing’ and press shutter button to select.
  3. Pairing process should start.
  4. On your RC watch, press and hold the video and photo buttons for a few seconds.
  5. When you see your “RF Pairing success” on your camera, you are done.

Purchasing Individual Accessories

Remote Control Watch:

Gearbest : 12 USD

Banggood: 11 USD

External Mic:

Gearbest: 5 USD

Banggood: 8 USD

Unique features:

We are now going to discuss some of the features which make this camera different from the rest.

Gyro Stabilization

Gitup 2 review - gyro stabilization

The camera actually has a gyro stabilization which works by having a gyro-meter inside that detects the motion of the camera. This stabilization will work in video mode but the con is that the field of view will drop by a little. The camera stabilizer also performs better when it is moved upwards and downwards (such as when walking ) instead of sideways.

Anyways, below is a demo footage by GitUp comparing the difference when gyro is on or off.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the gyro stabilizer on this camera is one of the best ones out there already in this price range.

Quick Start Recording & G-sensor

The quick start recording which can be switched on or off in the settings actually enable the camera to immediately switch on and start recording or taking a picture, skipping the switching on process.

When you have enabled quick start recording, and press the shutter button, it will power up and start recording. However, if you press and hold the shutter button instead, it will turn on and start burst shooting (how many will depend on your settings).

This will be pretty useful especially during holidays or tours when you just want to quickly take a video or picture of something that is pretty rare to see.

G Sensor

Also, since the camera has an ability to quick start, another useful feature that it has is the g-sensor. The g-sensor works like that. When the camera detects a force (sudden brake/acceleration), the camera will automatically turn on and start recording.

The most relevant example is if you use it as a dash cam. When your car brakes, the accelerometer in the camera would detect it, triggering it to switch on and start recording. As the startup time is pretty fast, it should capture almost all of the important footage.

Waterproof Case

The waterproof case has a quite unique shape and locking mechanism to it. Usually, the lock of the waterproof housing to prevent water from entering is in most cases, at the top, such as those in GoPros or SJCAMs however, in this case, it is at the side and you open by rotating the wheel. Having played around a little with it, although it indeed is a little more difficult to open ‘accidentally’ but to me, the normal one works just as good as both are really hard to open ‘accidentally’.

However, having said that, the mount at the bottom is similar to the standard ones and can be used interchangeably accessories from 3rd parties or official brands (GoPro, Eken, Yi, ThiEYE, etc).

Note: Some users have reportedly seen black spots when taking videos/photos with the camera in the upper left corner. Since it only happens when you use 4:3 aspect ratio, a way to work around this would be to use the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Buttons and Controls

git 2 review - buttons and controls

Picture Quality

Sample Photo (Credits: Gitup)

gitup git2 review - sample photo 16mp gyro action camera

The native resolution  of the camera is 16MP. As you can see from the photo, it is pretty sharp and colours are pretty vibrant too.

Besides that, there are many photo settings that you can change such as white balance, exposure, duration for photo time-lapse, etc.

However, there is one setting that makes the camera different from the rest, the ability to create RAW images. (Similar to DSLRs)

Normally, the photo output is compressed (file size decreases becomes .jpeg/.jpg) and hence the quality might drop a little as it have been processed. However, for RAW images (.raw), the images are taken directly from the sensor itself, hence the quality will be very good but at the same time, taking much more space than the compressed version.

However, if you are just someone who takes photos for memory and not professional purposes, I’d recommend you to switch off the ‘raw’ settings as it really takes up a lot of memory space (Raw files typically take 30MB whereas JPEG files take 2-4MB) and also requires further converting to make it social-media ‘readable’.

Video Quality

Next up,  the video quality.

Demo Footage

The Git2 can record up to 2K (2560 x 1440, 16:9) or 2880 x 2160, 4:3 aspect ratio. From the above footage as you can see, I feel it is sharp enough and colours are quite vibrant and definitely good enough to impress your friends and families. 😛

Furthermore, there are many settings that you can change. A few of which would be slow motion (slow by 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x), field of view (170˚/120˚), gyro stabilization (on/off), duration of video time-lapse, resolution, etc.

Also, another cool thing about the video settings is that you are able to edit the quick access feature.

What the quick access feature does is basically adding a shortcut to your customisations. It does so by allocating a setting to the menu button. The settings you can make shortcut include:

1. Exposure Lock

Normally, the camera will adjust to the lighting by changing it’s exposure. However, when this is enabled (by pressing and holding the menu button) you can prevent this from happening and the exposure will remain the same when you have locked it. Hence, if you are walking through a place with drastically different lightings, the camera will refrain from adjusting and maintain the same so that it keeps the same consistency. (Better that way since adjusting usually lags)

2. White Balance Lock

Similar to the exposure lock, the white balance will stay the same and not react to the environment.

3. Exposure and White Balance Lock

4. Audio Mute (On/Off)

5. Gyro Stabilization (On/Off)

Smartphone App

The official app is called gitup for action that is avaGitup For Action App Logo gitup 2 reviewilable for both Android and IOS. You can connect to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

To connect, all you need to do is press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the right to switch on Wi-Fi. The WiFi name and password should appear which you can easily enter into your phone to connect.

The app is pretty stable and it is pretty much the same as the other cameras.

gitup 2 review - gitup for action app

Some basic uses of this app would be live preview, remotely starting and stopping recording, changing some general settings, resolution, exposure, white balance, etc (settings on camera is more elaborate than app).

Different Variations – Git2P

Git2 vs Git2p

Credits: tmvideo from DashCamTalk

There are actually different variations, GIT2 and Git2P.  They both are mostly the same, only differing in the lens and image sensor used.

For GIT2P, there are actually 2 versions, one with 90˚ and another with 170˚ lens.

Both versions actually use a newer panasonic MN342101A 16MP image sensor (similar to SJ5000 and SJ6 Legend) as compared to the Sony IMX206 16MP image sensor. Both the pixels and resolution are the same, but according to some users in forums, the panasonic works better with the Novatek chipset that the Git2P uses.

Also, the battery used by Git2P is 1000mAh instead of 950mAh used by Git2.

90˚ Lens

The pro of using this lens is that there is not fisheye distortion and hence the image is going to be a nicer. Con? Lower field of view and details of photo.

The aperture of this is f/2.5, which is larger than the 170˚ lens. Hence it allows a higher shutter speed and generally perform better at low light settings.

170˚ Lens

This version has an aperture of f/2.8 which is slightly smaller than its 90˚ counterpart. Hence, although it does not perform better at high shutter speed, it can focus over a wider range/amount of distance. (Will remain focused through a larger distance)

Note: The waterproof case of 90˚ can’t fit in 170˚ cases as shape of lens for both is different.


This is a comparison video showing the difference between the 90˚ and 170˚ Git2p.


Cheapest Places To Buy

Git2 :

Git2P 170˚:

Git2P 90˚:



I feel it is one of the best action camera at this price range of $100 because there is a huge range of customisations that you can make to suit your needs. Now thinking about it, it actually feels a lot like a DSLR.

Having said that, I feel most action cameras users aren’t that ‘professional’ and just want a simple and reliable solution to their media, and hence wouldn’t fully utilise it. If you plan on getting one, you should definitely try playing around with the settings because it certainly will expand your knowledge about photography.

Another thing is that the mounts and accessories are compatible with other action cameras brands (SJCAM, GoPro, etc) and thus 95% of the accessories can be used with the Git2.

Picture and Video Quality:

The picture and video is way better than decent and will definitely satisfy the needs of an average consumer. Furthermore, there are a lot of settings that you can easily change to fit your needs. As for video, the gyro stabilization is really good and effective and you’ll will definitely appreciate it when you start using.


If you are looking for an action camera that is reliable, at this price range($100) and you do not require 4K, I strongly recommend you to get this one as it is a really reliable company (superb customer support), constantly improving (updating firmwares and bug fixes). The build quality is very good as it does not feel cheap and it is the best mid range action camera out the in the market.

That comes to the end of my review.

If you have encountered any problems or questions about this camera, comments (actually anything at all), please feel free to comment down below. I’ll really appreciate it and definitely reply to you as soon as possible!

Lastly, thanks for reading and have a nice day! 🙂

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