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FeiyuTech Newest Mini Cam: Ricca | Overview

Feiyu Tech has always been known for their amazing, top performing gimbals all around the world.

From gimbals made for action cams to smartphones all the way to DSLR, they have made a strong reputation for being a well-respected gimbal manufacturer.

Not until the release of its first action cam, the Feiyu Tech Ricca.

Some Cool Features About The New Feiyu Ricca


Native Waterproof (IP67 = 1m of immersion for at most 30mins at a time)

ricca native ip67 waterproof

Not many action cameras nowadays have inbuilt waterproofing since it’s quite a hassle

But lucky enough, the Ricca has a new native waterproofing installed.

Although 1m doesn’t sound like much, for most of us, I can say it’s more than enough.

Be it surfing, swimming or snorkelling, you wouldn’t ever need to worry about it getting damaged!

Furthermore, you also no longer have to carry around that bulky waterproof case ever again!

RAW Photos

ricca raw photo capability

If you’re feeling up to it, you can enable the raw photo mode that’s available on the Ricca.

For those unsure of RAW photos, they’re uncompressed images that retain every awesome bit of data from the image sensor.

That means you’ll be able to edit all the subtle nuances of the image, such as white balance, contrast, saturation which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to on a normal JPEG image.

I especially like to use it when I’m getting a really important and memorable shot.

This can be a spectacular scenic picture, or simply a gathering of your close friends that you wish to keep for the rest of your life.

Still confused? Read this awesome guide about raw photos here!

Night Shot Optimisation / Adaptive Noise Reduction

To be honest, I’m not very familiar with this technology as it’s really uncommon to have in action cam world.

Since most or all of your shots will probably happen during the day.

But if you’re finding day times too short and want to try out some night adventures with your mates, this night shot enhancement may just come in handy.

From what I understand, it works by using image enhancement algorithms to remove the noise.

This will then result in a cleaner and clearer image.

But whether it works or not, only through actual sample footages can it be determined.

I can only say for now that I remain a little sceptical of the effectiveness of this feature.

Long Battery Life

long battery life ricca

To give you a little bit of perspective, most action cams can only last about 90 mins filming due to their compact body size, hence the small battery.

But according to what Feiyu boasts, the Ricca can last up to 150 mins filming non-stop, which is pretty impressive!

This means you can film a whole hour more than most traditional action cams which certainly helps you save a lot of time especially when you’re out on the go!

Optimised with G6 Gimbal

The Ricca is made to perfectly optimise with the G6 gimbal, which by far, I can surely say, is the best action cam gimbal.

Most gimbals are designed to work for a large array of products.

That means if you decide to use them together with your action cam, sure it’ll fit, but you wouldn’t be able to remotely control your cam with the gimbal.

Unless of course, you’re talking about niche gimbals (action cam + gimbal set) such as the Yi or Mijia gimbal.

That’s why the idea of combining the Ricca with the best action cam gimbal on the market is amazing.

You’ll be able to control all the shooting and customisations directly from the gimbal which really makes it a lot more convenient to operate it.

Thus if you’re deciding on getting a Ricca when it releases, do definitely consider getting it with the G6!


For now, the Ricca looks quite optimistic.

Though it is far from the Hero 7 Black’s advanced features and specs, I believe it has a place for those looking for a mid-range action cam.

For now, the closest competitor would be the Mijia 4K since its form factor and specs are roughly similar alongside it’s integrated gimbal design.

Though Ricca has an additional advantage of being natively waterproof over its competitors.

As for price, although it isn’t released yet, I have a strong feeling that it should be around $100 – 150 USD since there’s where most action cams of this calliper are at.

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