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Everything You Need To Know To Get The Cheapest Action Cameras Online

Now that you have found an action camera be it a SJCAM, GoPro, Eken, ThiEYE, Yi, etc that suits your needs and budget, how and where can you get it for the best value?

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways to get the cheapest action cameras online for the best price!

Best Websites to Buy From

There are many websites that you can buy from, some are expensive, some are cheap, all of which depends on the seller or company that is managing the product as they can change the price to whatever they want.

Official Sites vs Retailer Sites

retailer sites or official sites? action camera where to buy from buy cheap cameras online

Some brands do have their own sites where you can directly purchase from, some only can be bought through retailers.

Purchasing from either definitely has its own pros and cons. Purchasing from official site is safer but it usually costs about $20 (may differ) more than if you were to buy from retailer sites. It depends on you if you want to spend that extra bit of money for that assurance.

However, if you were to ask me, I usually go for retailer sites, popular ones being Amazon or Ebay, because they are already considered very safe and I have purchased from them countless of times without any issue.

Chinese Sites or International Sites?

Since almost half of the world’s goods are from China, most products are made there, hence if you haven’t already realised, ordering and purchasing directly from China sites would make the best and cost effective choice.

Even if you order from an international site say, Ebay, chances are that the products came from China which they then deliver it into an Ebay warehouse (in your region), and with this, comes additional cost. This shows why it isn’t a very good choice to purchase action cameras especially since more than 90% of them are made from China from international sites.

Having said that, there’s definitely some risks involved as China, as you know they aren’t very good in terms of reliability. However, I can safely assure you the websites below, at least, are credible, and at the same time cheap as I have purchased from them a lot of times.

Sites with the Cheapest Action Cams

Anyways, enough of blabbering, below are some examples of trustworthy sites that I feel have the best value especially when you are purchasing an action cam.best chinese sites for electronics

  1. Banggood.com
  2. GearBest.com
  3. Geekbuying.com
  4. Camfere.com
  5. AliExpress.com

Using Coupons to Discount Furtherdigital E- coupons use coupons to save

Now that you know the cheapest sites, you can actually still purchase it for an even lower price using coupons.

Coupons usually range from about 5% to 12% (for action cameras) discount off the normal price. It is used by many sites to promote the product and incentivise customers to buy it.

This is actually a very effective way of marketing. Let me explain to you how using a quick example. If you were strolling in a supermarket and you see something that you have been considering for half price ($10 –> $5), you would be more likely to purchase it when compared to the same product with no offer ($5).

It works the same here and that’s why many websites have used this method to attract people to buy something off their site.

How to Get Coupons

GEARBEST coupons discount

Some websites such as GearBest have their own official coupons websites.

However, most websites have their coupon codes scattered all around the internet. To find the coupons easily, you can either Google the product + coupon code or visit a website such as offers.com where they have collated all the codes together for your convenience.

Having said all of that, there are cases sometimes where coupons can’t be used because there is already a promotion of the product at that time.

Still can’t find one? Try asking the seller or signing up.

If you have scoured the whole internet and still can’t find a coupon code for your product, don’t worry not all hopes are gone.

Firstly, you can actually directly ask the seller or company (depends on who is managing the product, which depends on the website) if they have any coupon codes available. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Websites like Amazon or Ebay would have a lot of sellers, each managing their own items however, websites like Banggood and GearBest manage all their products under one company and hence it depends on whom or what you are asking.

Secondly, another way to get coupon codes would be to sign up for an account in that particular website. Certain websites will send you the coupon (usually site-wide) immediately but it is only generated to the subscriber and can only be used once by the subscriber.

Why would they give it to you?

And if you were wondering whether they would give you, they would. Because even with the coupon codes, they are still earning. And if that coupon is able to make you buy from them, they would gladly give it to you. Hence, do not worry about them ‘lying’ about having no coupon codes.

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Getting For Free?

getting free samples to review

You do also have an option for getting it free.

How It Works

You contact the seller/company, you tell them that you want to do a review on this product and you are able to bring in sales for them. It is a win-win for both but if you haven’t already realised, you need to be an authority in that field and also have a decent sized follower base.

However, having said that, there are some that you do not require to have anything and just have to show your passion about the product that you wish to sample.

Example of Sites Where You Can Get Free Samples

free electronic products sample banggood trial center

banggood trial center process getting free products to sample on

An example would be Banggood Trial Center, which anyone and everyone can qualify for. You do not have to have a website, a follower base, etc.