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Best Handheld Gimbal – Dobot Rigiet Review

Today, we’ll be reviewing a gimbal from new gimbal brand, Dobot, which was originally a company specialising in robotic arms before they expanded to gimbals.

Anyways, in the past i have reviewed gimbals on the more affordable side such as the vimble c and smooth-q but i never have done something in the mid price-range models so I’m not honestly entirely sure what to expect.

Nevertheless, I’ll share with you guys my opinion on this Rigiet and hopefully at the end, you’ll have a better idea whether this is worth your money!

Just in case you were wondering, this is the final product review (V 1.1) and isn’t the prototype model so you can expect to get what I got.

A bit about Dobot – From Robotic Arms to Gimbals


Dobot was originally specialised in making robotic arms for educational purposes. They then decided to diversify their company by incorporating the same technology and applying it to the gimbal, which gave rise to Dobot Rigiet, the first gimbal that they have manufactured.

It took them about a year and a half, from generating the idea then prototyping and ultimately shipping them to the public.

What is a gimbal?
what is a gimbal?

For those who just dropped by and wondering what this weird looking device here does, it acts as a stabiliser to remove the shake from your videos for your filming device, be it your smartphone or camera.

Find out more about what is a gimbal here.

Without further ado, let’s find out if the Rigiet is the best handheld gimbal or if it’s just another overrated gimbal!

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What It Comes With:

dobot rigiet accessories

  • Gimbal
  • Case + Strap
  • Charging Adapter Cable: Any 1 of these – Lightning, Micro-USB (faced up or down), USB Type C
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Manual (Very useful if you’re new to gimbals)

As far as accessories go, everything is perfect except for the charging adapter cable, which is very thin and thus breaks quite easily so you’ve got to take really good care and don’t let it dangle around when you’re not using it.

First looks:

Upon holding it for the first time, it felt really well-built and has a really nice aluminium body.

It’s has an appealing look and a compact body, though it has a substantial amount of weight.

I also felt the rubber grip handle to be of good quality, however the gripping area is quite small, so for those who have bigger hands might feel a little discomfort holding it for a long period of time.

Rigiet’s Unique features

Auto-Tracking (Object/Face Tracking) – Reliable and Cool

rigiet auto tracking

The tracking feature is a useful feature to have especially when you want to film something by yourself or even for things like a room tour as it gives the viewers the impression that someone is there filming for you!

It works for both your front and rear facing camera.

After playing around with the live tracking for a bit I found that while it’s not perfect, I can say it’s really good.

It will work and will smoothly track whatever you want to track.

It can’t really track small objects well (your hand for example), which is perfectly understandable. However, if you’re planning on tracking your face or your body, it’s works pretty flawlessly.

Comparing it to other cheaper gimbals with live tracking such as smooth-q, I would say there’s a noticeable gap in terms of the reliability. The Rigiet gimbal is definitely more reliable & stable in the tracking than the smooth-q.

2 Way Charging – Use It For Even Longer

rigiet 2 way charging

The 2 way charging feature is super useful because a gimbal is technically useless once your camera or smartphone runs out of battery.

Furthermore, since the smartphone app consumes a considerable amount of battery power, it is really neat to have a power-bank built in the gimbal for extra juice when you need it.

The gimbal by itself lasts super long, about 2 times longer than an average smartphone because of the large 3350mAh battery inside. Hence, to be able to share the energy is really a neat concept to have.

rigiet 2 way charging cable

It gets even better. If you remember earlier, Dobot also provided us with cable in the package, to directly connect your device to the gimbal, so you don’t have to buy any cables separately.

Manual Hand Adjust – Super Convenient

rigiet review - hand adjustThe manual adjust feature allow you to twist your device in any orientation that you want with your hands instead of using the joystick.

This is one of my favourite features because it is way faster and reliable to adjust your camera’s orientation using your hands instead of the joystick.

Most gimbals, at least the popular ones, don’t have this feature, but after using it, I feel this allows for more control and they should really incorporate this technology into their gimbal as well.

Seamless Position Switch

As of now, not many gimbals have this automatic orientation switch as many other handheld gimbals such as the smooth-q or Feiyu Tech SPG requires you to press a button or turn a knob etc.

This is a nice feature to have if you post on social media or simple vlogs as it shows you the versatility of switching between portrait, underslung and landscape.

Operating Rigiet

Front Interface – Panel

rigiet interface

Power/Shooting Button (4) :

To power on, you’d have to press the power button until the stabilization is turned on.

rigiet power modes

If you were to press the power button and let go once the light came on, you’d enter the mute mode.

The powering on/off part is quite confusing initially because there is something called a mute mode in between the power on and off modes, which is something like a standby mode, that does not enable the stabilization but is instead used to upgrade firmware, connect to the app, etc.

Overall, it powers on and off pretty quickly, which is a huge plus.

It also acts as a shooting button (more on below in the app) and it’s pretty responsive in this regard.

Led Indicator (14)

rigiet indicator light

There are 3 different colours it can show, yellow, orange and red.

There are a lot of different indicators and it’s honestly quite difficult to remember every single one of them as there are unique combinations for the battery level (normal and low) and the mode you are in (mute mode, power off, power on).

However, to simplify things, how I see it is if the colour is yellow, it is normal. And if the colour is orange, the battery is low and you’ll need to charge it.

Joystick (3) :

rigiet joystick

The joystick allows you to pan (left/right) and tilt (up/down) the orientation. Overall, it’s very responsive and quick.

rigiet one touch centering

Also, pressing down on it resets the orientation to the initial stabilisation position.


rigiet slider

There are 2 sliders on the right.

Bottom Slider (Only effective in the app):

Moving up: switches between front and rear camera. Holding it zooms in the footage.

Moving down: changes the shooting modes in the app. Holding it zooms out the footage.

Top Slider:

It allows you to change between the 3 position modes:

  1. L(ock);
  2. YP (Yaw and Pitch Follow) ;
  3. Y(aw) Follow;

This is quite confusing especially for those of you who do know the different axes well but in simple terms this is what the modes mean:

Lock: All is locked so the device will remain at the same orientation regardless of movement

Yaw & Pitch Follow: It will follow your panning (left/right) and tilt (forward/backward) motion

Yaw Follow: It will only follow your forward/backward movement, left/right is locked (completely stabilized)

I know it’ll be quite difficult to understand now. However, rest assured that you’ll definitely get it once you play with it for a while as it’s actually quite intuitive to understand.

Tripod Thread

Lastly, on the back there is a ¼” tripod thread can also be used together with the hand strap provided or mounted on tripods or chest mounts for convenience.

Placement – A little lower would have been better

tripod rigiet

The placement of the thread is at the back (if you take the panel as the front), which is perfectly fine but what was a little annoying was that it was too high up so if you were planning to mount it onto normal tripods, it will very likely be obstructed by the tripod plate, which wouldn’t allow the gimbal to rotate freely. Hence, this was one of the major downside.

Mounting To Your Device – Smartphone Or Action Cam


Rigiet Compatible Smartphone

The clasp isn’t very long and fits any smartphones below 6.0” that is shorter than 85mm (length) and thinner than 9mm.

As for grasp strength, the gimbal has a very firm grip on the device, so you won’t have to worry about it accidentally dropping out.

Action Cameras

gopro, action camera adapter for gimbal

It’s not that straightforward to mount for action cameras and you’ll need to buy an extra mount plate adapter to fit, which you can find here.

It can fit almost all action cameras as long as they are matchbox style action cams that will fit in the adapter.

Alternatively, if you really can’t wait for the adapter to arrive but want to try it out, you can try DIY-ing by putting rubber or erasers in between the mount and the camera. 😛

Adjusting thumbwheel

rigiet thumbwheel

At the back of the holder, there’s a thumbwheel to tighten/loosen your device. It can fit devices up to 6.0” and no thicker than 9 mm.


You will need to calibrate it during the first time as each device’s center of gravity is different.

rigiet calibration balanced and unbalanced

There is a screw at the middle (roll) motor which you can adjust. Your aim to make sure the device is balanced.

Do not switch it on when there is no device as this will damage the rotors.

Rigiet’s App Overview – Amazing Interface But Still Room For Improvements

rigiet app main screen

The Rigiet app connects via bluetooth so live streaming can be used.

The app is generally very simple to use and in my opinion, it is honestly the best part about the Rigiet and what I feel sets it apart from other gimbals in the market.

It really feels very responsive and there’s isn’t any bugs as far as I could see from it.

However, one downside of the app is it depletes your smartphone’s battery quite quickly and it also heats up your phone pretty easily.

Also, whenever either the app closes or the gimbal is switched off, the bluetooth disconnects and has to be reconnected manually afterwards, which can be quite inconvenient. Hence, if possible, I hope they are able to make the connection more seamless such as the ones you see in fitness bands.

Different shooting modes

rigiet shooting modes

There are 6 shooting modes, followed by the customisations you can make:

  1. Panorama  (170˚, 330˚)
  2. Photo (Timer: 0 – 10 s)
  3. Video (Depends on phone specs)
  4. Timelapse (Interval and duration)
  5. Motion Timelapse (Interval, duration, start and end point)
  6. Slow Motion (Depends on phone specs)

You can switch the mode through the app (sliding up/down) or by sliding down the bottom slider on the gimbal.

Other Features (Live Streaming, Video Editing, Sharing)

rigiet app sharing features

There are many other features to quickly edit and share the footages you’ve taken to your social media.

Rigiet Stabilization & Footage Samples

The stabilization test works really well, but nothing stands out from other gimbals in this regard.

However, the range of movement is a little lesser than the average and hence it wasn’t that mobile which I had initially thought.

Where To Buy It?

There are 2 different versions, and they differ from the case and the calibration method used.

New Year Version Vs Standard Version

There is a new year limited time version that is $50 cheaper than the standard version.

Stand A Chance To Win A New Year Special Edition For Free!

rigiet new year edition

All you have to do is share this page on your social media and include #rigietgimbalgiveaway. The more you share the higher your chance!

Verdict: Best Mid Price Range Handheld Gimbal

To sum this new Kickstarter project, it is one of the most unique gimbal in the market as of now. With its manual hand adjust, 2 way charging and reliable auto tracking features, it really stands itself ahead of other gimbals in the market.

It comes in a complete package (except for the action camera adapter), so you wouldn’t have to buy anything else separately.

The quality is superb and it even looks aesthetically pleasing. After testing it vigorously for a long period of time, it was still very stable and ‘like new’. Furthermore, it feels really well-built as well.

On the other side, there are a few room for improvements that can be made. The whole idea is there but there are 2 major concerns that I found. First is the charging cable being too thin and breaking too easily and second is the range of movement being a little limited. Also, the tripod thread impedes the tripod mount, but that can be easily remedied by positioning it a little below. 

Having said that, overall, it has really good value for money. I have to agree it’s a little bit on the pricey side, I feel that for the quality, build and the vast amount of  unique features , that’s the least you can ask for.

Should you buy it? – Hell Yes!

Whether you are a professional vlogger or just a recreational hobbyist who enjoys taking videos, the Rigiet will do its job of removing the shake on your videos.

As of now, the Rigiet gimbal is really reliable and I can’t find any huge bugs/glitches.

I will admit it certainly does not come cheap as an accessory to your smartphone and could very well be the most expensive smartphone gimbal in the market.

However, I feel that gimbals are one such example of things that you should invest more in, and get a better one, as it will be more worth it in the long run.

And even in the future, if you decide to upgrade your action camera or your smartphone, you can still continue to use this same gimbal.

For me, I’ll be bringing it along my holidays and road trips. What are your plans on using the gimbal if you decide on getting one?

If you take care of it properly, I can guarantee it would definitely pay you back and last you a really really long time.

This comes to the end of my review! If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the new Dobot Rigiet, please feel free to comment down below!

Lastly, I’d like to thank Dobot for providing this sample for this review and I really had a lot of fun making this review!

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Dobot Rigiet

199 USD

Build Quality


User Experience (UX)


Stabilisation Performance


Value For Money



  • Accurate Face Tracking
  • Awesome App
  • Great Build Quality
  • Interface Reliable & Easy To Use
  • Manual Hand Adjust Is Really Useful


  • Range of Movement Not Very Wide
  • Charging Cable Breaks Easily
  • Tripod Thread Obstructs

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  1. I have a hard time believing this was an honest review when the biggest part of all is skipped over: the app limits your phone’s filming capabilities to 720p. In 2017, when a minority of phones are filming in 4k, why leave out possibly the biggest flaw of the gimbal?

    1. Hi, you are capable of taking 4K videos if your phone supports it. What phone are you using? At least for the phone I’m using (iPhone 6s), I’m able to take 4K videos through the app. It probably lies with the phone you are using.

  2. What a great article!

    Having a bit of a shaky hand (probably due to being a coffee lover) taking stable photos is usually a challenge for me.

    I quite like the idea of the Gimbal devices – sounding like the solution I’m looking for.

    The Dobot Rigiet seems to offer a double solution – not only offers a stable image, but also acts as a battery bank.

    Thanks again,

  3. I had no idea what a gimbal was until I read this lol, thank you for the very in-depth review. I don’t have to visit any other page because you have all the information here. I expected the example video to look more like as if the phone was flying. Does the video look more like that if you hold it more still and move slower?

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for dropping a comment! The speed of it doesn’t affect much of the flying phone effect. But it’ll definitely improve the stability if you move slower and more still!

  4. A Gimbal! I love, love, love, this!!! Why have I not heard of this before now? Thank you for this review. I is so informative and will definitely be putting this on my next Christmas list! Honestly I am not one for product reviews but this one is in my top ten. Great job on putting this one together. I am sold!

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