DDPAI N3 Dash Cam brings you a comprehensive view

DDPAI N3 Dash Cam brings you a comprehensive view

The development of driving recorders over an extended period of time is efficient. The most famous driving recorder was invented in the 1980s during Texas Cruisers. DDPAI N3 Dash Cam cams are not mounted on car dashboards like today but are supported by a tripod in the front of the car window. Therefore, the early driving recorder was a large-scale device employed by enforcement agencies among us.


Unlike modern dash cams, these early models used analog technology, which meant that their records were not stored digitally in memory but were recorded on VHS cassette tapes. This allows more time for their recordings to be displayed and stored.

Freatures of DDPAI N3:

Early dashcams did not become popular until late 2009 when the Russian government installed them as legally installed products by its citizens. This helps to increase the interest of Dash Cam in Russia and its visibility among the general public.

From the first basic equipment, the driving recorder has gone an extended way. Now you have less expensive, smaller and better quality cameras. To fully record HD digital video of your trip, mark your location to send GPS support or to return items you have experienced while traveling.

The camera now offers seamless loop recording, which is often programmed to start automatically, saving a few hours of fabric time on the microSD card.

Among the products currently on the market, DDP Maula Moula N3 Dash Cam is starting our field of vision with great quality and reputation. Today, we bring you the experience of using this product.

With the predominance of high-quality recording, the DDPAI Moula N3 offers six sets of full-glass lenses with infrared glass and Ultra HD recording with a wide-angle of 140 degrees. With 1600P Ultra HD and 2K + lossless UHD resolution and 5MP CMOS image sensor, the hardware can record clear and high-quality video evidence that can be shared for insurance work.

Featured, the dashcam will keep any user’s car safe and secure on the road or parked. With Sense Reality (SR) sci-fi black technology, the dashcam features a built-in high-precision 6-axis gyroscope that will evaluate sensitive performance and change driving performance, such as acceleration turning, climbing and descent, and lane changes Will give. Conditions. Creates an exclusive cool track interface.

The DDPAI Moula N3 Dash Cam uses supercapacitors, which have higher heat and cold tolerance and a longer lifespan than standard battery technology – from 20 70 to 70 to avoid extreme weather and power conversion zones supercapacitors, and Dawn ‘is achieved by changing. T believes that chemical reactions realize power conversion, so the faster the charging rate, the lower the internal resistance, the lower the cycle volume and temperature. Therefore, the supercapacitor is more secure than lithium batteries.

Unique double rotating-isometric connector design, unique infinity axis bracket, front and rear double connection Type-C interface, rotate the machine to satisfy your desire for shooting scene out of the car and recording life inside the car, easily Make Your Own Great Vlog By

DDP has also unveiled the DDPAI Mini 3, 360 ° rotatable dashcam with 32GB of EMMC storage, and a full HD 1600P front dash camera. And so much refreshed UHD 2160P 4K Dash Cam Recorder, using DDPAI Mini 5 Sony IMX 415 sensor, with built-in 5 GHz WiFi and GPS and 64 GB EMMC storage!

There is a lot of publicity (66% discount) at Allie Express DDP’s official store on November 11-13 with easy prices and lots of prizes for the year!

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