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[Coupon Deals Compilation June ’17] Sport Action Cameras!

I realised that there are tons of internet sites all having different promotions, discounts and hence finding the best deal online can be quite difficult.

That is why I have manually scanned through the internet, finding the best deals for your action cam online!

Many of the times, there are many hidden cost behind the product that you are purchasing and hence it is all about getting the best deal and saving the most money you can!

Also, I find this period of time the best so far in this year as most companies are having anniversaries/flash sale, getting rid of old models, etc so a lot of the prices are dropped and discounted! That is the reason I made a compilation now!

Anyways, below are the cheapest places I can find for popular action cam models and coupon codes (if have) are included as well.

I am also classifying the action cams by brands for easier navigation.

The brands included are : SJCAM, Eken, Hawkeye, ThiEYE, Xiaomi, Gitup, MgCOOL, Andoer and Liveman.

Deals By Brands


SJ4000 (Non-WiFi) – 45.6 USD (code: 1b1d62)

SJ4000 (WiFi) – 62 USD (code: 2c883f)

SJ4000+ (wifi) – 122.7 USD (code: 2c883f)

SJ5000 – 56 USD (code : 5BGESSJ5)

SJ5000 wifi – 103 USD (code :2c883f) or 100 USD (ships to certain countries only)

SJ5000+ – 80 USD

SJ5000X elite – 109.65 USD (code: 981a5f)

SJ6 legend – 126 USD (flash sale)

SJ6 legend air – 120 USD

SJ7 star – 162 USD (code: 2c883f)

M10 – 66 USD

M10 (wifi) – 75.68 USD (code: 2c883f) or 61. 67 USD + Shipping

M10 + (wifi) – 103.2 USD  or 104.72 USD (code: 2c883f)

M20 – 107.4 USD

SJ360 – 80 USD (code:8bbd53)


V8s – 96 USD (code : EKEN20%2)

H9r – 45 USD

H9 – 40 USD

H9 pro – 104 USD

H9 plus – 87.2USD (code: 5d8a95)

H8 – 64 USD (code : EKEN20%2)

H8 plus – 140 USD

H8 pro – 80 USD (code : EKEN20%2)

Pano360 Pro – 72 USD (code:5BGESEPP)


Firefly 6S 140˚ – 60 USD or 75 USD

Firefly 7S 170˚  – 60 USD

Firefly 7S 90˚ – 80 USD (code: GBACHF7S)

Firefly 8S 170˚ –  120 USD

Firefly 8S 90˚ – 128 USD (code: 8S4K)


V5e – 95 USD

T5e – 110 USD (code: YBTE5E)

I60 – 60 USD

I60e (4K) – 60 USD or 56 USD (Restocking)

I60+ – 46.4 USD

I30 – 69.7 USD


Yi – 70 USD or 65 USD

Yi 4K – Black 190 USD or White 185 USD

Yi 4K+ – 330 USD

MiJia Dash Car DVR – 52 USD

MiJia Panaromic 3.5K  – 255 USD


Gitup2 (Pro Packaging) –  97.6 USD(with coupon code : BGGitup2)

GIT2P 170˚ (Pro packaging) – 80 USD  (with coupon code : BGGitup2)

GIT2P 90˚ (Pro packaging) –  96 USD (with coupon code : BGGitup2)


Explorer Pro – 33 USD Black/Silver

Explorer ES 3K – 36.8 USD (with coupon code :BGMGcool) or 31 USD (Low Stock)

Explorer 1S – 55 USD

Explorer – 37 USD

Explorer S – 40 USD

ELE CAM 360 –  65.8 USD (with coupon code: 92ELE360)


Q3H – 46 USD

AN7000 – 114.3 USD + Shipping (code: ZD4619MG)

AN4000 – 38.4 USD

AN8000 – 128 USD

C5 pro – 113 USD (code: ANDOERC5)

A360l – 112 USD 


Liveman C1 – 170 USD

Liveman M1 – 81 USD

What?! It’s not there?

As I did it manually by checking from all over the internet, there might be some brands or models of cameras that are not included below.

If that is the case, feel free to comment below what you want me to check and I’ll definitely reply with the cheapest deal online!


Below are my sources in case you wanted to see the coupon codes. For the rest, I just manually compare to other sites to identify the cheapest ones.

Banggood Promo Codes

Tomtop Coupon Codes

Gearbest Coupon Blog (Not very reliable)

Some things to note:

The list above shows the cheapest deal for action cameras online. However, it may not be in stock as there is a lot of people, similar to you, wanting to buy it.

As far as restocking go, it should take about a week from my personal experience.

Also, prices may not be exact and may slightly differ slightly due to promotion, sales, etc.

Something that I realised also is that in some sites, when you enter the coupon code, it will discount off the original price which is higher than the deal/promotion price. Hence, check the price first before entering the deal price to see which is the better deal for you!

Lastly, coupon codes cannot be used in some cases because there might be promotion on it. But, if there is, I have listed it above!

Also, share it if you have any friends or families thinking of purchasing one for their holidays!

Last updated on 13 June 2017

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6 Responses

  1. Interesting. Was looking for an action cam (even h9r) and hence thanks for giving us all the details on prices and brands. Definitely makes it easier to navigate through when searching for a specific product. The prices don’t seem bad at all too. Your site is also very nice and appealing for all readers. I look forward to coming back. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for the awesome review and you have really pulled out all the stops here.
    There are some great models in your list to choose from, it’s really hard to make a call on what is the best camera.
    Not only have you done all the hard work inlisting the best deals that there are, but you have also included some nice discount vouchers also, so well done.
    I really like the Thieye V5e, it ticks all the boxes for me
    Cheers and many thanks
    Phil Browne

  3. It´s very good to have this sum up like you do. I was actually thinking of getting the SJ4000 and hence saved me a lot of work because it takes a lot of time to research prices on the internet, there are so many possibilities.
    But I have one question. Did you check the quality? Are all with the newest items or are some of it only with older items?

    1. Oh some of the items that are listed are old but still the newest of its model (action cams rarely have successors with the same name). As for the quality wise, most of them are decent but there are exceptions as action cams are generally built around the idea of being affordable rather than being high-end. 

      Hope this helps and have a great day!

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