70 minutes smart dvr review

Today we are going to be doing something different. Recently, a new smart car DVR has been released. When I saw the features that it was offering and the price it was selling for, it really does seem to be too good to be true. That’s why I decided to do a review on it.

Hence, today, we’ll be taking a look at the Xiaomi 70 Mai 70 Minutes Smart Car DVR that is made by a chinese company called 70 Mai. Xiaomi is the distributor in this case, similar to Yi Technology and Yi action cameras.

Content of Review:


70 mai 70 minutes smart car dvr

Battery: 240mAh

Image sensor: Sony IMX323 1/2.9”

G-Sensor: 3 axis acceleration sensor

Lens: 7 glass lens

Max Resolution (video/photo) : 1080p @ 30fps / 2MP

Field of view: 130˚

Storage: 8-64 GB Class 10 & Above (Not included)


70 minutes smart car dvr review accessories

Other than the camera, it comes with a power adapter to be connected to the cigarette lighter, a 3.5m micro-usb cable and an electrostatic sticker to be sticked onto your car.

Everything you’ll need except the micro-sd card is included so, I felt that especially at this price, it’s really great value for money.

Activating for the first time

Couple of steps have to be taken in order to get it started and at this stage the light indicator on the power button should be blue in colour.

    1. Insert your memory card into the micro-sd slot.
    2. Download and open the 70 Mai Dash Cam App .
    3. Register an account and login using your email address.
    4. Add Dash Cam and connect to Wi-Fi hotspot
    5. If everything is done properly, it should be green in colour and begin recording.

Mounting and Installing

70 minutes smart car dvr mounting and installing

    1. Clean the sticking spot on the windshield from any dust or smudges, preferably be in the centre of the windshield for wider coverage.
    2. Peel of the protective layer and stick it onto your windshield. Remove any air bubbles present.
    3. Remove protective cover from the base mount and stick the base onto the electrostatic sticker by pressing it tightly.70 minutes smart car dvr mounting and installing
    4. Align micro-usb cable with the top edge and fasten it along the edge of the windshield and to your cigarette receptacle.70 minutes smart car dvr mounting and installing
    5. Connect the cable to each end and it should be be automatically turned on once there is power from the receptacle.


70 minutes body

Light Indicator & Power Button

70 minutes different light indicator colour


Green- Normal recording

Red – recording error

Blue – not in recording mode

Breathing State / Solid Colour:

Breathing State – Wifi hotspot is turned on

Solid Colour: Wifi hotspot is turned off

Power Button:

70 minutes body

When Switched Off:

  • Press to power on

When Switched On, Press:

  • Once to turn on/off wifi hotspot
  • 3 times to format the memory card
  • 5 times to restore default settings
  • Hold to power off


70 minutes side ports

At the other side, there is a micro-USB port for charging, micro-sd for storage and a reset pinhole for hard reset.

Unique Features

3 Axis Acceleration G-Sensor

70 mai 70 minutes review - g sensorThe G-sensor built-in is to made to detect sudden motion change and trigger emergency recording (more on below). Once it has been triggered, the video will be stored to another folder, which

As the sensitivity of this can be changed, I’d recommend adjusting it to low sensitivity because at high sensitivity, it is way too sensitive and sometimes even normal braking of your car can activate emergency recording.

Voice Control

70 minutes smart car dvr voice control

The voice commands, are currently available in Chinese & English (depending on the model you get) so it’s crucial that you get the EU/English version.

its pretty reliable (about 95% success rate) and not to mention it responds almost immediately.

However, it has to be specific ‘word for word’ commands.

Anyways, there are 4 different voice commands you can use: take a photo; record emergency video; Switch on/off Wi-Fi hotspot; Turn On/Off audio recording.

The features are pretty straightforward except for the emergency video, which is explained below.

Emergency Video Recording

70 minutes smart car dvr emergency recording

Default videos are loop recorded in 1 min duration, therefore once the memory card is full, the camera will delete the oldest video to make space for the newer ones.

However, in an emergency video recording, which can be activated by either the voice command or by the G-sensor, it will be saved separately to another event folder, which will not be deleted by the loop recording feature, hence it will be kept safer and more reliably.

Photo Quality

70 minutes smart car dvr sample photo

Taking a photo can be triggered by saying the voice command ‘take picture’ or alternatively, by accessing the phone app.

I feel the photo feature doesn’t have much use especially in the dash world as everything is already recorded and what you are essentially doing is performing a screen grab.

Anyhow, it takes 2MP photos, and although it isn’t that great, it’s enough to see what you’ll need to see, such as the vehicle’s license plate, the general surroundings.

Video Quality

Day Recording

Night Recording

This dash camera takes 1080p 30fps footage and overall, the quality is decent, nothing out of the ordinary but I feel what makes this stand out from other dash cameras is its clarity and sharpness in low light environments, which is an important feature to have in dash cameras.

Also, both photo and video also has a default 70mai watermark and a timestamp attached on it, that cannot be removed, so for some, it can be quite annoying.

Hopefully, in the future updates, they can give users the choice whether or not to include it.

Smartphone App(70迈记录仪 – Android/IOS

70 mai 70 minutes smart car dvr app

Other than the app being named in chinese, everything else is in English.

70 minutes smart dvr app

From there you’ll be able to download your videos to your phone or change some of the settings such as G sensor sensitivity, speaker volume, sound recording, etc.

Overall, I feel the app’s really reliable and responsive and downloading dash videos to your phone is also relatively quick.

Chinese Vs English Version

Something important to note is that there are 2 main version of it and it’s crucial that you get the EU or English Version. (check best buy for correct versions)

As the voice control’s and output language is fixed for a certain camera, you’ll need to make sure you are getting the right version before buying it. If you’re not sure on which is the right one, head over here, where I’ve helped you check already.

Quick Video Review

Best Buy

Best BuyVersionPrice

Verdict: Best Budget Dash Cam.

Overall, I feel the 70 Mai dash cam offers a really a good value for money dash camera as everything’s included with the package, other than the memory card, it has great voice control capability (make sure to get the english version), and video quality isn’t that bad either and it performed way better than I had originally expected in low light conditions. To me, it’s really all I can ask for from a dash camera.

Furthermore, they provided an electrostatic sticker which felt far more reliable than traditional suction or double-sided tape mounts.

At the end of the day, I’d definitely recommend to you if you’re finding a cheap dash camera because this is a dash camera that really exemplifies the meaning of bang for your buck.

That’s all for this review!

What do you think? Do you think it’s a good value for money dash camera?

If you have any thoughts or questions at all, feel free to comment down below! I’ll be sure to reply to them!

70 Minutes Smart DVR

50 USD

Video/Image Quality


Build Quality


User Experience


Bang For Your Money


Audio Quality



  • good night vision footages
  • fast and reliable voice control
  • simple to use interface - good for beginners
  • value for money & super affordable
  • Almost whole package provided


  • voice commands only available in chinese
  • no storage card included
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  1. Video/Image Quality


    Build Quality


    User Experience


    Bang For Your Money


    Audio Quality


    I bought this unit via Gearbest and recieved It yesterday by mail. This review is just true. The only negative aspect of this dashcam is the lack of voicecontrol in English or another language but Chinese. It has good video and foto quality. Installing is easy and the app works stable and is easy to use. This cam is a real bang for your buck!

    1. HI Thijs, I totally agree with you! It’s really good value for money with the exception that the voice control is in chinese! Really looking forward to the english voice control version!

  2. This is a very thorough comprehensive review. I feel like it would be a useful item to use especially for any unexpected situations one might encounter on the roads.
    It seems like in terms of value, the product ticks all the boxes, providing you with everything you need to start up (minus the sd card… :'( which sucks but it is what it is).
    I’m especially impressed with its low light performance in the video, once again considering the price tag, it’s pretty darn good!
    The only bad thing about this product for me is the lack of English voice recognition (which is going to be fixed but still…).
    You said that they will start funding the English voice recognition project mid December, do you think that means that we’ll be able to use English voice recognition soon or will we have to wait another 3 or 4 months to do so?

    1. Hi Amhil, i agree with you that the cons is the lack of english voice control. They will start crowdfunding from mid-december but they should be releasing it in about a month after crowdfunding so it should be somewhere in mid-late january. Hope this helps!

  3. This should be a great product in its class except that it may only caters for China market – at least at the moment. The fact that it is also runs on Smartphone app (both Android and IOS) is a plus for this Smart Car DVR. Xiaomi is a great company (distributir in this case), I am not sure why the voice over is not in English.

    1. HI Joe, I totally agree with you that it caters to the chinese market now. I’m also not very sure why they didn’t just implement both languages at once, but hopefully they’ll release the english one soon as it’s an awesome piece of tech at an even better price!

  4. Do we have to switch on the dashcam every single time when we start our car or it is just like the normal dashcam whereby it will start the cam and start recording once you switch on your car? I plan to set this up as my rear dashcam hence i need to know this as it will be very troublesome if I have to run to the dashcam and switch it on before i travel.

    1. Hi, it’ll automatically switch on when power is on and same for switching off.

      1. hi
        that is perfect information, they should add it into the descritpion or to user guide.

        i want to ask if there is some way to mark video to not be deleted by circle-rec. some cameras has this option and i thing it would be great feature among others. Im not speaking about emergency videos as they start record after command, but im speaking abour regular video, when you want to keep situation before incident to not only incident.

        1. There’s no direct way to do that but you can download that portion of the video to your phone so it will not be deleted by the loop recording.

          1. well one other question, does it automaticaly starts records video after automatical turn-on?

  5. Hello Kai, this is a really great in-depth review of a smart car DVR.
    I am not sure about the Chinese voice command part of it – that would definitely hinder my thought of purchasing it as I would certainly rely on voice command to activate the DVR!
    But I do agree, the price is really attractive – so I guess I am going to dig in deep into my patience reserves and wait for the English voice command to come out! =)
    Cheers – Orion

    1. Hi Orion, thanks for your feedback! I agree that the chinese voice command isn’t really ‘usable’ yet and you can’t update it which is a little disappointing. Hopefully they’ll release soon, looking forward to that!

  6. Video/Image Quality


    Build Quality


    User Experience


    Bang For Your Money


    Audio Quality


    Hi Kai,
    Appreciate your review. It was the most useful and complete I found. I had the dash cam for around a week now and it’s really value for the money. I do have 2 big cons:
    1. Every time I turn it on it plays a chinese voice
    2. It does not turn automatically on when car is turned on or turned off when car is off and keys are out.

    I have the Xiaomi Amazfit Pace and there it was possible to flash the chinese version with english firmware, so I hope in the future that something similar could be done as hardware is identical. Official or unofficial..

    Do you have any idea why camera has to be manually turned on/off?


    1. Hi Jonas, thanks for your comment.
      I agree with you with the first con but for the latter, it’s supposed to automatically be turned on. Can you try updating the firmware?

      1. Hi Kai, Updating firmware was one of the first things I did. It is currently running 1.0.3. Guess I would need to test out the customer support.

        1. Okay if you need any help, feel free to comment below.

  7. Would like to ask the voice control can directly issue to the dashcam? or I need to open the app then issue the voice command via the app?

    In addition, how is the video quality compare to another product from Xiaomi like Xiaomi Mijia?

    1. The voice command can be directly used as the camera has a built-in microphone and therefore does not require you to connect to the app.
      As for video quality, as I don’t own the Mijia, you may want to search it up on Youtube instead.

  8. Unless i’m doing something wrong,how come I can’t see the videos from my app unless i’m in the car.You should be able to opoen the app ans see your videos at anytime. thanks

    1. what happens when you try to view the videos? what do you see on your phone?

      1. JOE, I think you want to see videos in the camera memory from your mobile. If you download videos to your mobile you can see anywhere for sure. Otherwise it will be like wifi streaming from camera to your phone. I dont own this particular camera but usually all works like this.

  9. Very nice camera but I have no way to change Chinese to English so I can understand what the camera is telling me

  10. Video/Image Quality


    Build Quality


    User Experience


    Bang For Your Money


    Audio Quality


    I cannot understand what the camera is telling me so if you have an application that can change the language from Chinese to English please tell me how to do it

  11. Video/Image Quality


    Build Quality


    User Experience


    Bang For Your Money


    Audio Quality


    Have an application that can change Chinese to English

    1. Sorry but there’s no way to change the language of the camera, at least for now.

  12. Video/Image Quality


    Build Quality


    User Experience


    Bang For Your Money


    Audio Quality


    Video quality is the MAIN aspect of a dash cam. Im glad i watched your review, because not even in bright daylight i can read the registration on car ahead.And if someone drives into me sideeays cam wont catch it, same if they go in my rear. So fot all scenariod where the other driver is the criminal i havr no proof for police = dashcam Xiaomi = useless (unless turned 180 as a selfie cam lol)

  13. Can you turn off the status light in settings?

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