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Best Integrated Action Cam Gimbal? Mijia 4K Gimbal Review

The Mijia gimbal by Xiaomi is a gimbal made exclusively for the Mijia 4K camera only. Hence, if you do not own a Mijia 4K camera or are not planning to buy one, I’d highly recommend you to avoid getting this because there are other better gimbals that will fit a wider range of devices.

Using this gimbal, you’ll be able to directly control the Mijia camera without needing to leave the gimbal. Furthermore, it also acts as a power bank for the camera as it’s able to use its huge battery capacity to charge up your camera.

So are you better off getting the Mijia gimbal or other gimbals that’re compatible with a wide range of devices? Let’s find out!

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Specs Mijia Handheld Gimbal
xiaomi logo mijia gimbal body
Weight 340g
Axis Rotation Pan: 360˚ Tilt: -35˚to +90˚ Roll: -50 + 160˚
Compatible Devices Mijia 4K Action Camera
Battery Built-In 5000mAh – 8 Hrs Battery Life
Mounts ¼” Thread For Mounting To Selfie Sticks/Monopods/Tripods
Port(s) Micro-USB For Charging
Best Places To Get It

First Looks

mijia gimbal package accessories

The Mijia gimbal comes with a USB cable and a user manual, which is nice but could have been better if it came with additional accessories such as a protective case or hand strap for better protection.

Straight out the packaging, I can immediately feel the solid, well-built quality of the Mijia gimbal which honestly feels like a $250+ gimbal rather than a $100+ gimbal that we know of.

To finish it off, it also has a really nice matte finish which gives it a very clean and nice look to it.


mijia gimbal body shot

Also, even though the body is mainly made up of aluminium alloy, it surprisingly feels and weighs much lighter than other gimbals I have tested.

I also found the gimbal to be very grippy because of the rubber grip at the back and it’s nearly impossible for it to slip, even if your hands are wet, which is a huge plus in my opinion.

Holding the gimbal also feels very comfortable and ergonomic, regardless of whether you’re right or left handed, so you don’t have to worry about your hand cramping out or straining after holding it for a long period of times.

Rounded Base – Yay or Nay?

One thing I realised it that it has a rounded base, which may seem bad at first because it wouldn’t be able to stand on its own.

However, I think this is a deliberate decision and a good one by Mijia because gimbals fall very easily when balanced by its own so by implementing the rounded base, it completely eliminates the chance of it falling, which could damage the gimbal and the camera. ????


mijia gimbal body shot

When charging, I’ve realised that if the camera is attached, it automatically charges the camera as well so it’s very convenient as you needn’t have 2 cables to charge it separately, which can come in handy during holidays when your charging ports are limited.

Using the Mijia 4K Gimbal

mijia handheld gimbal body

The Mijia gimbal’s operation is slightly more complicated because of the many buttons which have multi-uses.

But just for you to get a rough idea, I’ll introduce the 3 main buttons and corresponding uses to you.

Trigger/Mode Button (Main Operating Button):

Double Press – Returns To Original Position (facing away from you)

Triple Press – 180˚ Rotation (Selfie Mode)

Press & Hold – Lock All Axis (instead of smoothening) While Holding

Photo Button:

Single Press: Takes Photos

Press & Hold (3s): Starts/Stops Charging

Video Button:

Single Press: Start/Stop Video Recording

Press & Hold (3s): Switches On/Off Gimbal

All of this may seem overwhelming & a little tricky at first but I can assure you it’ll quickly become intuitive and second nature to you.


The Mijia gimbal is great at removing the bumps and shakes as you can see from the video above.

By default, it keeps the rolling axis locked and levelled to the ground while stabilising (following/smoothening) the other axis (pan and tilt).

You can also lock all the axis (keeps camera pointing in the same direction) if you hold onto the mode button at the back.

Also, if you’re curious, during stabilizing, the motor noise is very silent so you never have to worry about your camera picking up any kind of buzzing or static noise, which have happened to other gimbals I’ve tried.

Shooting Modes

mijia handheld gimbal shooting modes

There are also various shooting modes which allow you to mount the gimbal in any position, be it on your backpack, or bicycle, or drone, giving you much way more flexibility in filming than other gimbals out there.

This is only achievable because the gimbal is specifically made solely for the Mijia camera so it can twist and turn to angles not even possible for other gimbals, which is one of the strengths of ‘niche’ gimbals.

180˚ Rotation – Selfie Mode

The Mijia gimbal allows you to quickly rotate 180˚ (3 taps of mode button) so you can record yourself and what’s at the back which is useful for sightseeing and vlogging.

Manual Adjustment

Another neat feature is also the ability to manually adjust the orientation of the camera, which is always nice for making quick adjustments instead of using the joystick which can be a little hard for fine tuning.


Mounting The Camera

xiaomi handheld gimbal live charging

All you have to mount the camera is slide the camera in and tighten the knob.

mijia gimbal knob screw

The knob is made very intelligently because unlike the traditional knob where it tightens the clamp, this knob is actually a screw that tightens into the camera’s bottom thread, so it’s virtually impossible for the camera to slip out when you’re using it.

mijia handheld gimbal with other action cameras thieye t5 edge rexso explorer k and explorer 3

Gimbal With Other Action Cams (Explorer K, Explorer 3 & T5 Edge)

The Mijia gimbal will also work with GoPro/SJCAM similar sized action cameras though I will highly not advise you to get this if you don’t have the Mijia camera as the whole setup will feel awkward and you’ll be better off instead with other ‘non-specific’ gimbals that will work with your smartphone as well.

Mounting The Gimbal

mijia gimbal bottom tripod mount

Although there is a tripod mount at the bottom, which is good for balancing the gimbal on a flat surface or on a tripod for taking time-lapse, there isn’t much point else for it.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t mount it elsewhere.

mijia gimbal fixed ring

Many gimbals do have a thread at the side for mounting but since the Mijia gimbal does not, you’ll need to separately purchase a standard fixed ring to mount it.

From there, all you have to do is attach the gimbal to the slip ring, which uses a typical action camera mount and you can attach it wherever you want, backpacks,

Smartphone App (Mi Home – Android/IOS)

The app for the gimbal used is exactly the same as the camera as the gimbal is just an accessory for the camera.

mijia gimbal app mi home

You can’t really do much with the app except for changing a couple of settings such as the speed of rotation when using the joystick and setting up predefined settings for which axis to lock/follow and rotation speed.

Unique Features

Below are some features that I think makes the Mijia gimbal stand out from its competitors (in a good way of course!).

360˚ Panning Axis

mijia gimbal axis 360 panning rotation

There is unlimited rotation on the panning axis which makes it really versatile for panning shots and also allows for nice & smooth 180˚ quick rotation (triple press).

Integration with Mijia 4K Cam

Live Charging

xiaomi handheld gimbal live charging

The gimbal connects with your Mijia 4K camera through the micro-USB cable and therefore the connection is very reliable and quick, not to mention you are able to charge your camera using the gimbal, which is really useful since the gimbal serves a secondary purpose of being an additional power source for your camera.

Upon connecting, there will be an additional button located at the right side of your screen, which is for doing quick adjustments change to the gimbal, such as predefined modes and axis direction (for joystick use).

mijia gimbal customised control

Using the gimbal, you’re able to control the camera’s exposure, using the toggle switch on the gimbal, which is nice to have as a manual adjustment, for a quick fine tuning of the video.

Comparisons With Other Gimbals

Mijia Gimbal or Non-Niche Gimbals?

mijia vs smartphone gimbals

I know a lot of you would ask whether or not you should be getting the Mijia gimbal, something’s really ‘niche’, or something that works with a wide range of devices such as a more ‘general’ smartphone or action camera gimbal.

In my opinion, it boils down to the kind of person you are. Both have pros, both have cons.

Do you like bringing just one equipment out and using it to film the whole time (get this) or do you like changing your style and interchanging it with your smartphone (or other cameras) occasionally as a camera (get something else)?

If you’re interested to check out other gimbals with a wider range of compatible devices, feel free to check out my top recommendation here.

For me, I definitely enjoy having one simple and good way of filming, thus I would go with the Mijia gimbal any day of the week.

Yi action gimbal & Yi Action Cams

Let’s take a look at another similar action-cam-gimbal concept by Yi.

Features Yi Action Gimbal Xiaomi Mijia Gimbal
Compatible Devices Yi 4K/4K+/Lite Mijia 4K
Weight 8MP 12MP
Axis Rotation 1080P 60fps 1440p 30fps
Shooting Modes 2″ Touchscreen 2″ Touchscreen
Stabilization Modes Pan-Tilt
Live Charging Gyro Image Stabilization
Price 199 USD 139 USD

The Yi action gimbal, similar to the Mijia gimbal, is a ‘niche’ gimbal customised for Yi action cameras, specifically Yi 4K, Yi Lite & Yi 4K+.

Overall, I still prefer the Mijia over the Yi because despite costing lesser it still has more features and shooting modes, with the only con being that it weighs a bit more (but it’s still very light).

Best Places To Buy

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When they first announced this gimbal and claim that it only works with the Mijia camera, I was initially quite surprised and sceptical because I felt that it was too niche and only a few would get it.

But it turns out to be the opposite as many people purchased it, and that’s why I decide to get myself one to give it a try.

After testing it out, I get why many people still buy it despite its limited compatibility. That’s because there is no other gimbal-action-camera pair out there that’s as integrated and complementing as this one does.

If you’re wondering about price, I can certainly say it does not come cheap, costing roughly the same as the camera.

But you must bear in mind that gimbals are generally an expensive accessory due to the intricacy of it, but there do make a profound difference towards the shots that you take.

As for improvements wise, there isn’t much, but I think they could have implemented more features seen in smartphone gimbals, such as panning time-lapse, where the gimbal rotates slowly while the camera records time-lapse or panoramic photos.

Overall, I find the Mijia gimbal to have great value for money as the build quality is really good (best I’ve seen at this price point), it works great with the camera, and even though it has a few cons, I’d still recommend everyone who has the Mijia camera to really consider getting this.

That’s all I have for this review. If you have any questions or thoughts about the Mijia gimbal or action cameras in general, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll be sure to reply to it as soon as I can!

Till next time, thanks for reading and have a great one!

Mijia Gimbal

139 USD

Build Quality


User Experience


Value For Money









  • Neat And Appealing Looks
  • Long Battery Life
  • Fantastic Build Quality
  • Great Value For Money
  • Silent Motor Noise
  • Ergonomic Grip And Easy To Grip


  • No Panoramic Photo Or Timelapse Features
  • Non-Removable Built-In Battery
  • Rounded Base Thus Can’T Stabilise
  • No Accessories Provided
  • No Mount At The Side

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