Today, we’ll be covering the best 360 cameras out there in the market. 360 cameras are becoming increasingly prevalent as more and more people are realising the sheer potential that it can create! I’m sure you’re aware of that too!

Furthermore, the support is constantly getting better with social media. Popular ones such as Youtube & Facebook are investing a lot just to be able to support 360 shots and because of the tremendous support and convenience of uploading 360 videos, unlike the past where everything was manual, I think now is the best time to be getting a 360 camera.

What should we consider?

Before I show you my top 360 cam recommendations, I’d like to quickly go through the 3 main factors that we considered and ranked based on:

1. Price: Value For Money. Is it good bang for your buck?

2. Specs: Technical specifications. The fastest way to get a rough estimate of how good a 360 camera is. Important few ones are video & photo resolution (4K & above preferably), weight, compatible devices (depends on the phone you use), storage supported (at least 64GB), battery life (at least 1 hour non-stop recording).

3. Software & Features. What unique features does it offer? Is the app reliable and user-friendly? Can it shoot with image stabilization, has a good live streaming capability, or has a hybrid mode that can be connected wirelessly & directly to your phone?

Without further ado, here are my top 360 cameras 2018 recommendations!

Top 360 Cameras – Updated Mar 2018

Quick note: Today, we’ll only be covering on consumer-friendly 360 cameras, so I’ll not be covering anything above $800 price point as it seems a little expensive for the most of us.

On the other side of the price spectrum, I’ve tried numerous 360 cameras below $100 over the past year and till now, none of them are deemed ‘usable’ as all of them have poor software and barely seeable image quality. For now, 1 rule I can tell up front is to avoid 360 cams below $100.

Best Affordable 360 Camera

Samsung Gear 360 (2017 Edition)

gear360 2017 quick review

The 2017 Samsung Gear 360 is the second version of and is considered to have improved tremendously from the original gear 360, having a more ergonomic design, better stitching quality, etc.

The image quality and resolution that’s taken by the 2017 Gear360 is very impressive for something of its price point under $200. It takes very sharp images and also has accurate colours.

The only downside is that it works with Apple iPhones & Samsung phones only. Also, IOS users won’t benefit from the full features, so it’s not that versatile in this regard. Nonetheless, it works really well with Samsung phones though.


Best Beginner 360 Camera

Giroptic iO

giroptic io quick review

On first looks, the Girootic iO has an unorthodoxly shaped body. It completely relies on the phone’s battery and storage so it can’t work without your phone giving it life.

It works for both Android & IOS and most importantly, it’s super simple to use and has a stable and furnished app, making it ideal for someone who wants to use a 360 cam without the hassle of editing and being able to share instantly due to its ability to stitch in real time. Using Giroptic’s app iO Ping, it also enables you to hold 360 video calls with your friends and families, without requiring them to download any additional app. However, a drawback is it shoots at a lower resolution than other similar price counterparts (Insta360 Air & Nano) but that’s the price you’re paying for the ease and convenience in sharing 360 shots it provides.


Best 360 Camera For Android Phone

Insta360 Air 

insta360 air quick review
The Insta360 Air can be directly connected to your Android phone, which makes transferring of data really quick and live streaming really smooth as it is all done through the connector (Micro-USB/USB Type-c), instead of the typical data transfer wirelessly. Other than traditional live streaming, it also supports tiny planet live streaming all while stabilizing the video real-time. It has Optimised Flow Stitching, which makes your shots look more natural. Most importantly, it is really affordable and great value for money. The caveat of this is it doesn’t work stand alone as it does not have an inbuilt battery and have to feed off your phone’s battery.

Best 360 Camera For iPhone & User-Friendliness

Insta360 One

insta360 one quick review

If you have an iPhone, and you’re looking for a 360 cam with amazing live streaming, this is what you’re looking for. It is really user-friendly all thanks to its software which allows 360 videos to be edited and converted to a normal video really fun and simple. What makes this the best 360 camera on this list, in my opinion, is the usefulness of the features it offers such as bullet time, free capture & hybrid mode. The direct connection to your phone also makes transfer and editing of footages super quick and reliable. Also, as a result, it has a really smooth 4K live streaming capability. Image stabilization wise is one of the best, though not as perfect as the Rylo, even after improvements were made from the recent software update.

The only caveat of this is that it’s not that convenient to use with Android devices since it was originally made only for iPhones. For it to work with Android devices you’ll need an additional adapter (Micro-USB/Type-C), which is honestly not very convenient to carry around but will still work as well as with iPhones, nonetheless.

Read more on my full review of the Insta360 One here!


Best 360 Action Camera – Waterproof & Equipped With Many Sensors

Garmin Virb 360

garmin virb 360 quick review

If you’re the outdoors kind of person, be it mountain biking, snorkelling, or for whitewater adventure, the Virb 360’s rugged, durable & compact body is perfect for that. It has a waterproof body of up to 10m (33 ft) so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet or submerged in water. Also, there is an inbuilt voice command feature so you don’t have to bend down or reach forward to start your recording, instead spend the time having fun, and let the camera do its thing. Furthermore, there are many built-in sensors such as a GPS, barometer and accelerometer, gyroscope, compass (very rare to see in a 360 cam) which gives your shots a super cool and fun overlay. Besides that, image stabilization is superb (you can choose the type of stabilization: stabilise, lock, follow) and video quality is one of the best though you’ll have to remember it does not come cheap.

Best 360 Camera For Photo Quality & Value For Money

Xiaomi Mijia 360 / Mi Sphere

mijia 360 mi sphere