Hey everyone, I am Kai and I have been an action camera enthusiast for the last 2 years or so.

A picture of me and the Conan Tower in Guang Zhou

I am an enthusiast and like to travel the world, visit many places and pretty much like the rest of you here! Other than travelling places, I am also very adventurous and active, my hobbies ranging from sports such as basketball and cycling to hiking and diving(rarely but still..). Anyways, I am a very fearless person wanting to try everything I can get my hands-on.

The reason I created this site was to benefit people like you by offering a site where the most affordable yet reliable action cameras are listed so that you know what suits you better. Furthermore, I also want you guys to give action cameras a chance as they will really enhance your experience when you wish to take photos or videos and convince to you that it is something you will not regret buying.

An action camera to me is truly something that is a must have because you wouldn’t have to worry about it physically as compared to your phone or normal digital cameras where you have to care about it really well because action cameras are made to take a beating and you can take wherever you want without having to be concerned on it.

Another thing. If I ever say something on this site that sparks your interest, feel free to speak your opinions on any of the content I made on this site as I appreciate feedback in every way. =)

Anyways,  I think you should give one a try, I wouldn’t say it is really expensive because I have already filtered what I think is the most affordable yet trustworthy cameras out there in the market though sometimes I review cameras which are not really good to tell u about it.

Last but not least, I wish you all the best and thanks for dropping by! =D



Founder of actioncamguides.com